Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update - Tim Jackson/Masiguy

Thanks to our friend KK, we have an official Tim Jackson sighting....I'm going to tell you...before you ain't pretty. But, he's talking on the phone and, according to KK's report, he's eating (always a good sign)...

Here's a bit of KK's report....

He hit the boards at about 30 mph trying to avoid another rider. He was on a brand new bike, 24 laps into a 25 lap race... He sustained a concussion, a broken rib and nearly severed his right thumb clean off. At the moment he has a blood clot behind his left eye and three cracked vertebrae in his neck - hence the neck brace - which they say he'll have to live with for the next six weeks. We are waiting for the results of a cat scan to determine the condition of his right knee...

Tim, my good friend, you are in our thoughts and prayers....get well soon.

UPDATE: Blue Squirrel/Masibestfriend has pretty constant updates on his site. Here's a segment of his post from last night after leaving the hospital:
i saw a picture of his catlike helmet, and it was like a open calm shell, with the hinge at the front and back gone. the news about his right knee is not looking so good as of this evening, we are still waiting on the direct news from the doctor, but he had a CT scan and it showed that it was fractured, but that is all we know right now, other than it is completely swollen. they keep finding new road rash. one rib is fractured and one lung bruised, but not deflated and he is breathing fine. the right thumb is the real question mark along with the right kneecap. the surgery on the thumb to reattach it was a success, but it will take a few days to really find out. the thumb was not completely severed because of the accident, but it was not fully attached. the surgeon said that every looks towards a full recovery. in fact he is in good spirits and really appears to be on the road to recovery and should be out of the hospital by friday. as far as i can tell is that he should be fine. tim sends his regards to everyone and to thank everyone for their kind remarks and wishes.

KK tells me that Tim says he's still got a lot of bike riding in him so that tells me his spirits are good....or maybe it's the Morphine talking...hmmm...time will tell, but one thing is for soon as he is able, Tim will take us all along with him on his recovery...and, I'm sure, he'll document the first time he gets back on a bike.

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