Friday, November 06, 2009

Closed For Renovations!

Dear Kryptonite Fans, Loyal Readers, Accidental Visitors,

Thanks for stopping by our Unbreakable-Bonds blog. We're currently closed for renovations...what, is that a collective mumble about it being about time???

You deserve to see something cool and worth the read here, so off we go to do our project. Stop by again soon and look for a new coat of paint, a couple new pictures on the wall, etc. Cheers!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kryptonite In Another Top 10

Excuse us while we do a little crowing! Just in time for summer travel season (yes, there's still time despite the fact that Back To School ads have already begun to air) the Kryptonite R4 retractable cable lock received a great plug in a New York Times Frugal Traveler blog. Check it out

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to the Future, Antique Chainless Bicycle!

This is a very cool bit of news that I just found on Bicycle Newswire and decided there was too much good stuff not to share the whole announcement with you....

A lone surviving copy of a bicycle from another era, a chainless 3-speed relic manufactured in early 1900, has been recovered and is being restored; called "The Hill-Climber," it was the first multi-speed bicycle to be produced in America. A bicycle believed to be the first production model in America to employ multiple-speed gear ratios has been found and is being restored to original condition. When found, only the patented gear-changing mechanism was still attached to the rusty frame. A nationwide search for replacement parts and information about the company that produced it has been undertaken.

Before this discovery, the first-known production multi-speed bicycle was marketed under the Columbia brand in 1903. It featured a two-speed "kickback" hub, and was also a chainless bicycle. The story of "The Hill-Climber" has recently been published in a book titled "Restoration." It is available on the Amazon-affiliate website Createspace at

The inventor of this 3-speed bicycle, Peter J. Scharbach, called it "The Hill-Climber." It was originally produced by Scharbach/Hoerth and Company in San Francisco in 1902. Research shows that the company also tried to produce an early automobile. It is not known how many of these bicycles were sold during its production years from 1902-1904. Chainless bicycles are manufactured today by a few companies, but the product form is not widely known to bicyclists.

The surviving Hill-Climber, a frame with a shaft-drive (like an automobile) instead of a chain, has three bevel gears at the rear wheel, and shift linkage to change speed ratios. It was stored in the basement of a retired dairy farmer outside of Pe Ell, WA, after spending most of its life on his farm junk pile. His father, John K. Muller, and many residents of the area invested in a manufacturing company formed with the inventor in late 1903. Assembly operations were moved from San Francisco to Chicago in early 1904. Mysteriously, all their investment was gone by the end of the year, and the company folded.

A descendant of the inventor was found living in Arizona. His great-grandfather was a blacksmith, inventor and entrepreneur whose patent for the chainless bicycle is still being referenced today. Remnants of the bicycle business are a few surviving photographs taken at a product roll-out event in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, c.1902. An advertising flyer, and other surviving documentation, was found in the possession of relatives of John K. Muller.

The bicycle is scheduled to be on display at the 32nd Annual LeMay Auto Collection show August 29, 2009, near Tacoma, WA. For details go to

More information about the bicycle, its restoration, and its place in history can be found at

Monday, July 13, 2009

You Say Commuter, I Say Urbanista

Well, this weekend, hubby and I got in a bit of riding and it was absolutely great! He's a happy camper riding his new bike, sporting a Kryptonite lock, bien sur...a beautiful Opus urbanista. If you're not familiar with it, check it Sorry, can't find 'em too easily in the States yet, but hopefully our neighbor to the north will decide to change that in the near future because they are lovely bikes to ride!

Warm sun on our faces and a nice breeze at our backs (most of the time!). Of course, today there are a few sore muscles in places that I'd forgotten and a longing for some new cycling gear that I hadn't thought much about in the depths of the soggy month of June. But, I wouldn't trade those things for the world. Happy Days!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Freight Trains of the Atlantic

by Roby Holland (aka the Old Man in the Sea)

For those of you who don't know I have an obsession for fishing. In the last couple of years I have honed my skills targeting Stripers and Bluefish in and around Duxbury MA. This year a friend and I decided to make a go at some Bluefin Tuna on Stellwagon Bank which is about 17 nm from Duxbury Bay.

We headed out at 5:30am towards the grounds with some iffy weather. The total trip took us 35 mins and the seas were between 2 to 3 ft. Once at the location we hooked up the bait and let them swim. It was only about 5 minutes till the first fish took the bait. It was a very large and strong Bluefish, that once brought boat side, broke thru the 80lbs floro leader and took off. Next two fish were Stripers and were both between 25 and 30lbs respectively. We hung around for a while longer with some hits but not the type of hits we were looking for, so we moved into deeper water.
Once we made it to deeper water our luck changed. The bird activity picked up to a frantic pace and the water began to come alive. Baits in the water, it was time to wait for a hook up and we did not have to wait long. My friend's bait disappeared in a wash of white foam and his line began to peel off his reel faster than anything I had ever witnessed before. We had hooked a Tuna!!! I put the boat in gear and began to chase down the fish, with my buddy reeling as fast as he could, but it wasn't long before we realized that this was a large Tuna. Once we were on the Tuna my friend began to try to muscle it in with no luck. The fish pinned him to the rail of the boat and only let him stand up to get some line when it wanted him to. After about 20 minutes of fighting, the rod was passed over to me. It wasn't until I had full control or thought I had full control of the rod that I realized how powerful these fish are. I consider myself to be in fairly good shape and this fish would not let me gain any ground on him at the beginning of the battle. I would try to stand and lean into the rod to get some line only to be pulled back down to the rail with authority. It was thrilling to say the least, until our luck began to change. I noticed that the reel began to move to the side of the rod as I reeled and I tried to tighten up the seat with no luck. The fish had started to break the rod and so the fight became more difficult. We began to gain some ground on the fish and knew we were getting close to getting this fish boat side, or so we thought. The fish began to give me a tour of my boat (literally) pinned to the rail he it went starboard aft, I went starboard aft and then back up to the bow of the boat. It made a quick dart around the bow as I lifted the rod, the line caught on the bow eye and SNAPPED!!!!! That's it….. as fast as it started it was gone. The ride back was a nasty painful hour and half ride into 4ft+ swells. It gave us plenty of time to understand what had just happen. We had hooked on to the freight train of the Atlantic.

Here are three pic from my adventure. First one is where I think I have the upper hand, second is where I know I don't and third is where I'm wondering if it was a wise choice to go after a fish that potentially weighs 1/3 of my boats capacity! Good times had by all…even the tuna.

P.S. Bluefin are a highly fished species. Please do your part to only harvest fish you need and return the rest for another day.
Cheers Roby

Friday, June 26, 2009


First it was slow food and now its slow ride...Its really fun to see the explosion in interest in all things cruiser bikes! Our good friends at Kickstand Magazine have had tremendous response to their inaugural issue and are reporting numbers as much as 500-600 riders at cruiser rides they're holding across the country this summer. What a sight it must be to see! To get a hint of the good stuff you'll find in the magazine (look for it at a bike shop near you) check out or Also watch this space for more information about their ride calendar, should you want to check out some of the bikes in person. You'll see Kryptonite locks around the events for sure.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Watch Out For That Bike Lock

Here at Kryptonite we've been picking up on an unsettling trend lately. Be aware and beware! It seems that in some cities enterprising bike thieves have been targeting bikes that can be easily broken, putting their own lock on the bike and leaving for later pick up. When they return what does the passerby see? Nothing out of the ordinary - a guy unlocking a bike with a key and riding away. Don't get me wrong, even a lightweight, flimsy lock can serve a good purpose, but when you need to make sure your bike isn't stolen, don't risk becoming a target like this. Make sure your lock is strong enough to do the job all day, or all night, until you return.

Where Have We Been ??

Yes, it has been so long since our last post that an univited guest moved in....

Lesson learned about talking to our Kryptonite lock can be hard work to come up with pearls of wisdom each day. Sorry if you've been disappointed when you haven't found anything new here, but thanks for being patient until we got back on track.

If you are like us, you are really happy that we've had so much wonderful rain this season, but enough is enough already. The weather has certainly put a damper on cycling activities in many parts of the country, but not so in New York. Eric, our National Sales Manager for bike spent a soggy weekend at the Bicycle Film Festival and was happy to chat with the stalwart souls who weren't going to be put off by a little water. Some of them brought out their most colorful rides to try to chase away the funk.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

See New York City For Free!

Sound too good to be true? Yeah, I thought so, as well, until finding something very cool on the Wend Magzine blog about a FREE bike rental program being offered by the Downtown Alliance in an effort to get more people on the city streets out of cars and onto bikes. Check out the full article here.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bike To Work Week

Just a reminder that next week is Bike to Work Week! Kryptonite hears from a number of cities and towns at this time of year that are hosting great events to get more people out on their bikes and we applaud every one. Whether your bike is old, new or somewhere inbetween, dust it off, pump up the tires, put your helmet on and join the fun. Fewer cars, fewer fumes, less traffic, more happy people in the office. What's not to love? Well, maybe the BenGay smell from the people that haven't ridden in a while, but other than that?? :-)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

15 Bike Friendly Cities

From my Wend Magazine twitter follow....check out 15 bike friendly cities article before you make your summer holiday plans... Remember both your helmet and your lock, preferrably a Kryptonite lock!

Monday, April 27, 2009

You Might Be a Biker If...

Just had to share this with you, from the good folks of the Virago Owners Club...

In case you've been sleeping under a rock, Spring has finally arrived in most parts of the US and with it, a whole new crop of bikes on the road. Remember to change lanes with care and share the road with motorcycles, for the safety of everyone!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cool Way to "Pedal" Your Business

Just made a new friend with a bike messenger in Barcelona, Spain and I am extremely impressed with the way his messenger company presents itself. Really cool site and very interesting approach to building client relationships (also happen to be Kryptonite EV Mini lock users, but I digress). Check them out...and if ever in need of messenger services in Barcelona, give them a ring!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Deer Cycles to End Hunger

Yes, these are tough times...enough said about that. But, there are still many people in our company (Ingersoll Rand) and elsewhere looking for ways to make the lives of others easier. I am humbled by those people. One I'll mention today is a new friend, Trish Karter, founder of Dancing Deer Bakery, soon to embark on a 1500 bike ride from Atlanta to Boston, to raise attention to, and financial support for, feeding hungry families. She doens't need to put her body out there, just her celebrity. But, she wouldn't be satisfied with that. Follow her on twitter to learn about her progress and give her moral support.

Happy Tax Day!

Oh boy, its been way too long since last post...but appropriate that I break the fast with a comment on civil disobedience. Will be interesting to see how the Teabag demonstrations planned for today will be covered by the media. Sitting in Boston, home of the original Teabag demonstration, this issue is especially poignant. Wonder how things would have turned out if the original civil disobedients had ridden bikes away from the scene of the action? Happy Tax Day, All!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Civil Disobedience Feels Right Sometimes

Just read a great article in Cycle World online about Malcolm Smith, the offroad legend turned retailer, having enough with the new CPSC guidelines that prevent him from selling minibikes, ATV's, etc. to families for their children's use and deciding its time for a little civil disobedience. In Malcolm's view, the questionable legislation behind the new guidelines was rightly intended but not well designed, leaving the public frustrated and businesses burdened. (I don't disagree). Malcolm's not done expressing his distaste for how this is affecting a sport he dearly loves...For the rest of the story, check out

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Someone's Bin Thinkin'

Saw a reference to this new bike pannier concept and had to share it because it is great! One more thing that will make commuting and shopping by bike a little bit easier this year. Get all the details at And, when you do start to use your bike more regularly for transport, don't forget your Kryptonite lock. (shameless commercial) :-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Run Naked

by Roby Holland, National Sales Manager, Commercial

Last night I got home from work and took off for a run. There was just enough daylight to get in my loop that brings me down to a lake where I usually find some people fishing or hanging out with their dogs. This run was different, there was an unusual flow to it and as I continued along the way digesting and dissecting the day's work, it hit me. I was running naked! Not literally, but in my rush to get out the door I did not have my heart monitor or my I-pod with me. This run was different, my breathing was more consistent and my pace more even and I was able to hear my body again. I know that sounds quirky but before there were I-pods, heart rate monitors and GPS devices we ran naked in a sense. I think most of these devices serve a good purpose, but GPS? I'll save that for a later post. The reason I think the run went so smoothly is because I was unplugged and I was running to my own internal beat and not the Black Eye Peas or Red Hot Chili Peppers. I forgot what that felt like and at the end of the run I turned in my best time for this short loop. Too deep a thought to go any further with this at this time of the morning. Well enjoy whatever you are doing and once every so often try it naked.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Is Here!

Despite what that furry little Punx, Phil may have wanted us to believe, we've turned the corner to Spring! How do I know? A good friend of Kryptonite, saw his shadow, while taking a ride this weekend. Rejoice! We made in through another winter!!!

(photo courtesy of Neil McDaid)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Gentlemen Start Your...Pedal Stroke??

Was just reading about how Roller Racing is gaining momentum (no pun intended)! For those of us in chilly, clammy climates, more bike shops and riding clubs..and bars looking to sell more beers...are hosting regular roller racing events for good causes (Kryptonite's been there) or good laughs watching some poor individual turn purple going nowhere fast. There are a bunch of software options to give racers choices of ride experiences. So, who needs CO, AZ, CA scenery to enjoy riding?

Friday, March 06, 2009

Message to Thieves...Fahgettaboudit!!!

Pardon me while I brag for a moment...Kryptonite's New York Faghettaboudit U-Lock just received expert's pick (no pun intended) in Commuter Conversion article in latest issue of Men's Journal Magazine. The lock was put through its paces by world-champion safecracker Dave LaFarge and passed with flying colors.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

High Rollin' Weekend

For all you scooter owners/lovers in the vicinity of Las Vegas on weekend of March 19th, join the fun of the 10th Anniversary High Rollers Weekend bash! This promises to be a wild weekend with a scooter build-off and plenty of other ways to show off or get into a little innocent trouble. You might even be one of the lucky folks to go home with a shiny new Kryptonite lock for your scooter, being raffled to support the event.

For more information about

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A "Quality" Time!

by Don Warren, Category Manager

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Quality Bicycle Products' winter dealer event called Frostbike. The opportunity to attend came up for me because Eric Anastasia, our bicycle sales manager, and his wife had just taken delivery of a new family member : the 2009 Ethan Paul edition. So I thought I would share with you a few bits from the show.

This being my first Frostbike, initially I worried about how cold Minnesota could be, but delighted that the temperature was above my threshold of 0 F degrees sans wind for each the 3 days there. We even got 5" of soft fluffy white stuff (Rivaled Utah powder) on Friday night to make the theme FROSTBIKE match the event.

Eric told me just a few things about the event, but I did know I was to talk with bicycle dealers about our line of security products we have to offer. During the 3 days, I had the pleasure to meet a lot of people who run shops from across the country. We had tons of interest in the Kryptonite products. I was able to advise the dealers of the improvements we made in our New York chain series and NEW New York Liberty chain. I also previewed a new product we will be launching soon. The atmosphere was charged, even with the tuff economic times we're in; Dealers felt they were doing ok, considering, which is a good sign.

Ok, enough about product, now the little things you think about when traveling to an event... how to I get from here to there, where should I stay, go to eat and all that. Well, from the minute I landed to the last minute before being dropped of at the airport I was so impressed with the way the event was organized! The hospitality was awesome. I think almost every QBP employee was working to support the show so I knew quickly that if I needed something I could just ask for help.

The food there was spot on and the after-show time Micro-beer(s,s,s,..) offerings were well received. They also had a nighttime event for the dealers to try which was an obstacle course set up to test-ride a Surly Pugsley’s. This bike had 3.7” wide tires. What an off-road piece of art and I’m told it rides well too...I obviously thought it would be poor taste on my part to climb over some visiting dealer to get my turn on the bike.

The office/distribution center was unlike any I have visited in the US. Their automation of handling orders from receipt to shipping goods on a truck was impressive, but what struck me the most was QBP has really taken responsibility for their impact on the environment. Their distribution center (DC) / offices has achieved a LEED “Gold” certification for being “GREEN”. Check it out here. The land they built on is next to a state park and in fact they have running/riding trails right outside their doors. Boy would that be nice and I’m jealous. One other important thing to mention is QBP supports many efforts globally to promote cycling and help others in need. I learned a lot.

I now know why QBP has become a great partner to so many bicycle shops around the country and the cycling manufacturers they support. Hopefully I can make it back next year if my boss let’s me 8:).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Let the Good Deeds Roll!

Our congrats to Providence, RI based Recycle-A-Bike, for a successful Roller Race benefit which attracted riders from all walks of life last week. Although the Friday the 13th date was a coincidence, you can see from the pictures that some of the roller-racers looked pretty scarey after they finished their turn! The prospect of winning a Kryptonite lock and raising money for such a good cause transformed them into monster riders...>> Check out the pictures.

So much for my bad are a few words about the event from our friend Maggie who coordinated, along with other tireless volunteers...
Bike riders and advocates, messengers and occasional riders, men and women of all ages converged on the night of Friday the 13th for Providence's first Roller Races, a benefit for Recycle-a-Bike. With upwards of a hundred people cheering, each racer chose his or her opponent and faced off for a 500m sprint, lasting at best 22 seconds. 42 racers, one broken bike, and multiple raffles later, top times in women's and men's raced for the finals. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our community bike collective, thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors, and thanks to all the volunteers who helped make Recycle-a-Bike the true winner of the evening! If you missed this one, don't worry; there will be more in the future. If you'd like to help make this happen, Recycle-a-Bike is always in need of new volunteers. Stay tuned; spring is coming.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Let a Bus be Your Motivation!

by Roby Holland, Commercial Sales Manager

Right around now I begin my resolution list and over the years it has become shorter, not because I'm accomplishing all my goals, but it is a depressing sight at the end of the year when I look back at all the things I didn't do and could have. We'll I cannot say that I have changed my stripes, but I am becoming better. Anyhow, if you are looking for motivation for getting off the couch or doing things that you say you want to do before you blow your mortal coil, look no further then this article in Runner's World March issue. The title of the article is "26.2 or Die". It gives new definition to the meaning "Long Haul". Read it and you'll be off the couch in no time.

A New Meaning for the Phrase Cycle Track

I'm a little behind schedule with posts, as you can see. Just returned from the 2009 Power Sport Dealer Expo in Indianapolis. While it seemed that attendance was a little lighter than in recent years, the people who were there were definitely interested in doing business. The power sport dealers we talked to are trying to focus on the 92% of the people who are still employed rather than the 8% who are not - what a refreshing perspective compared to the gloom and doom too frequently presented by the media!

So, here's a belated tidbit found by Eric Anastasia, National Sales Manager, on a recent trip to Portland, OR... I was out on the Left coast in Portland Oregon last week visiting one of our distributors Cyclone Bicycle Supply. While I was there I picked up the local newspaper (Portland Tribune) to read over breakfast and I came across an interesting article about how they are enhancing their bike paths in the city. The project that they spoke about was appealing because instead of putting in bike lanes they were putting in a raised platform. It seems pretty smart because the ‘cycle track’ as they call it will be on its own level and the cars will be one level lower. Then one level higher than the ‘cycle track” will be the sidewalks that will be separated by planters. Take a look at the image that I scanned from the article and if you want to read for yourself here is the link.
Before signing out, I'd like to congratulate Eric and his wife Cheryl on the birth of their first son and newest Team Kryptonite member yesterday morning! Eric had just arrived home from the trade show when they turned around and left for the hospital. Talk about amazing timing...

Friday, February 06, 2009

Newbie on the Slope

Another first for our mild-mannered design engineer from a much hotter climate, JJ....last night he braved almost zero degree weather to learn how to snowboard! Why then, we can't really say, other than the fact that Rob, our crazy Engineering Director convinced him it would be a great idea! So, off they went to the Blue Hills Ski Area by the office and JJ subjected himself to the torture of sliding, falling, sliding, falling, falling, sliding. All for Rob's enjoyment, I'm sure.

JJ, we're proud of your fearlessness. Just be careful not to agree when Rob suggests you try sledding next..because he ain't talkin' down the hill on an innertube!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Trash to Treasure!

Crash, boom, trashed wheel, bent rim,'s how to look at that crumpled metal mess and see it repurposed as a thing of beauty! Check out

Think Pink!

In the spirit of don't let tough economic times get you down, I'm happy to report another bike share program is being organized by a bunch of very enterprising students at Rhode Island School of Design (or RISD as it is more affectionately called by all the "Doids")...the Pink Bike program is in its infancy, but soon we hope to see pink bikes sprouting up all over Providence like so many tulips in spring. The fact that they are concerned about bike security, even for loaner bikes strikes the right chord in my ole' heart. Check 'em out at and look for the bikes when you're in the Providence area. Other programs out there? Give us a shout and we'll tell the world for you, as well.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Sunday, or Why Do They Have to Start Pre-Game Show at 9am??!!?

AAARRRREEEE you ready for some
Sorry, couldn't resist...if you're so inclined to be watching "the game" this weekend, hope your team gives you something to cheer about! But, if not, there's always the half-time show and the commercials to look forward to.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Economic Stimulus H-D Style

Exciting news from Milwaukee...Harley-Davidson will be introducing a more affordable Sportster, the Iron 883, with a price tag of around $7900. That should keep that freedom feelin' within reach of a lot more riders this year!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lean Honda Motorcycle Racing Calendar Ahead

Sad news reported by Reuters today...Honda Motor Company is going to exit most forms of motorcycle racing today, in a bid to cut costs and weather world economic slump...already exited Formula One. MotoGP is safe for the moment. Just as sad was the news that Subaru and Suzuki were pulling out of the world rally championship, for the same reason. I can think of one or two of our friends who are shedding a tear over that news...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi-Def BMX?

Great news ! The American Bicycle Association and NBC inked a four-year deal to cover BMX racing events on NBC's Universal Sports, beginning this year. The popularity and success of inclusion of BMX in the 2008 Olympics must have convinced the broadcast execs there is indeed a viewing audience for cycling events beyond the annual obvious one. More Lance, more BMX, its a great time for those of us who like to watch as much as ride.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brand New Day

Driving to work this morning and listening to all the celebratory hoopla, I was reminded that each day can be a brand new start for me, if I think of it in those terms. This is an exciting day!

As Kenneth Cole just said a short time ago in pre-Inauguration news commentary, "you can change your can outfit change..." ?!?!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

eine kleine cycle-roman

Shame on us (me)...been quiet for too long. Caught up in the flurry of work activity that always seems to occur right after the holidays. But, couldn't let another day go by without sharing a great story about a lock that just wasn't going to let go! Forgive me while I get totally predictable and trite and say "now that's an unbreakable bond!" From our friend, JMW in London, England...
What music would we use to accompany display of this little story!?

Elsewhere, ghastly wars, flung in everyone's conscience; other ghastly wars kept away from our guilt glands; all around us, a collapsing economy - and we choose to spend 15 minutes on THIS?

A cycle has been obstructing our pavement - it has been there for about a fortnight like this - single pedestrians can readily step round it but those wheeling a pram might find it more awkward; this is the second cycle in recent months, fixed to this post - the previous bike disappeared leaving a massive locked chain at the foot of the post; the present one is in a rigid position.

A jack for lifting cars has been inserted into the D-Lock and expanded, intending to force the D-Lock apart; indeed, it has bent - but the car-jack is now rigid and so is the position of the whole assembly. This is why the bike can not be moved, as things are ...

It does not take too much of an effort - with a wrench - to force the car-jack to fold back, and so to remove it and allow the bike to be set straight.

We have now set the bike straight. It has suffered one cut brake-cable, and scratches to the frame. We do not have time to knock on local doors to find the owner - who might be far away, and this bike itself stolen . At any rate, it is now less obstructive to users of the pavement.

The battered, bent but undaunted (kryptonite) D-lock continues in place to do its job.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!

No 2008 year in review comments to be found here. We'll leave that to all the other journalists and bloggers. I'd rather focus on the opportunity to make a change that is presented to all of us with the beginning of a new year. This year, more than any in the recent past, let's not waste a single day!

Wishing all of our friends and blog visitors a happy 2009! Thanks for visiting. Come back often.
Watch for our latest ramblings and reports.