Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Charity rides, walks or runs...it your choice

by Roby Holland, National Sales Manager

With all the talk about spring and the warm weather also comes the endless solicitations (good cause solicitations) for charity rides, runs and walks. There are so many out there you can't do them all.

What are you to do?

Here is my suggestion - look over what you like to do, either bike, run or walk. Look for a cause that draws you in that you might have some kind emotional connection to (like the Cycle for Life)

Once you find the event that is to your liking jump in! A lot of these event have helpful web-sites to get you started with donations and getting your self physically ready for the event.

Giving of ones self is the most gratifying feeling ever, especially when it is for a good cause.

Enjoy, you won't regret it!

1 comment:

Donna T. said...

Roby - I totally agree! Getting out and helping others is a great way to spend some time this spring. I see you are training for the Cycle for Life again this year. Count me in for a donation when the time comes.

Me? I've chosen to do the MS Walk in a week and a half. If anyone is interested, here's our Team Tocci pledge page: