Friday, April 25, 2008

Dentist and Rock Racing

It's a gorgeous day here in New England. Sun is shining, spring temps and,'s FRIDAY!

I was going to write about how many motorcycles are cruising by my house every night (dramatic rise so it is very noticable) and some of the motorcycles I've seen. That's so appropriate and there are some cool bikes to talk about.

But, then I started my day at the dentist at 8am today. By the time I was done there and made it to the office, I've decided that I'm going to write about something I really want to - at the risk of writing about them too much - Rock Racing. Hey, you have the dentist say to you, "You need to come back and don't worry too won't be bad." Then you tell me you wouldn't have stopped at Dunkin' Donuts and got a "comfort food" muffin, too, and then write about your new favorite team. Go ahead...I dare you.

So, I get to the office and see a new article about Michael Ball on by Bill Gifford. Ok, tea, muffin and a good interview with the Rock Star himself. Day's getting better.

I don't know if you like Rock Racing or not. Or if you agree with the team Ball's put together. But you have to admire Michael Ball. He grew up very poor, he had some run-ins with the law and then he started a clothing company that is estimated at $100 million annually. Is that not a true rags to riches story? That's cool.

He believes in second chances (yeah!), he believes in branding (are you listening cycling world...) and he thinks he can bring his line of cycling inspired clothes to Bloomies and Neiman Marcus. What? That's interesting. But, I'll bet he will.

Michael Ball believes in doing cycling a little differently. If you haven't been paying attention, cycling does not need to be going down the same ole path it's been going down, it needs different. But, if you purists listen closely he understands cycling and truly loves it, "It's one of the last romantic sports." Yes, that surprised me, too.

Y'all might not be used to the flash, but the Rock Stars are here to stay and I'm psyched they are. If I get the chance to meet Michael, I'll shake his hand and congratulate him. And, if it's after May 20, I'll probably be wearing some Rock Racing gear when I do it.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Marrock said...

Well now... of all the stories, reports, and blogs I've read about the matter, you're the only one that actually likes that team and it's "creator".

Donna T. said...

Hey Marrock - yup, I like 'em. But, I'm not the only one who does. That's for sure. I've got people who have commented on this blog that can't wait for the gear, too. And, the team claims to have hundreds of thousands of people who have signed up for team news on their site.
And, cycling a marketer and NASCAR fan...Ball's doing a lot right...he's following along with auto racing, creating personalities for both the team and the individuals. Creating some drama..that's one of the reasons NASCAR became so huge - they cultivated their personalities. This team is going to be something to watch as they continue to evolve.

Anonymous said...

youre right, they are gonna make a splash....a huge one. michael has an amazing vision, that when carried into reality will change the face of cycling as we know it here in th u.s.