Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Sunday, or Why Do They Have to Start Pre-Game Show at 9am??!!?

AAARRRREEEE you ready for some
Sorry, couldn't resist...if you're so inclined to be watching "the game" this weekend, hope your team gives you something to cheer about! But, if not, there's always the half-time show and the commercials to look forward to.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Economic Stimulus H-D Style

Exciting news from Milwaukee...Harley-Davidson will be introducing a more affordable Sportster, the Iron 883, with a price tag of around $7900. That should keep that freedom feelin' within reach of a lot more riders this year!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lean Honda Motorcycle Racing Calendar Ahead

Sad news reported by Reuters today...Honda Motor Company is going to exit most forms of motorcycle racing today, in a bid to cut costs and weather world economic slump...already exited Formula One. MotoGP is safe for the moment. Just as sad was the news that Subaru and Suzuki were pulling out of the world rally championship, for the same reason. I can think of one or two of our friends who are shedding a tear over that news...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi-Def BMX?

Great news ! The American Bicycle Association and NBC inked a four-year deal to cover BMX racing events on NBC's Universal Sports, beginning this year. The popularity and success of inclusion of BMX in the 2008 Olympics must have convinced the broadcast execs there is indeed a viewing audience for cycling events beyond the annual obvious one. More Lance, more BMX, its a great time for those of us who like to watch as much as ride.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brand New Day

Driving to work this morning and listening to all the celebratory hoopla, I was reminded that each day can be a brand new start for me, if I think of it in those terms. This is an exciting day!

As Kenneth Cole just said a short time ago in pre-Inauguration news commentary, "you can change your can outfit change..." ?!?!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

eine kleine cycle-roman

Shame on us (me)...been quiet for too long. Caught up in the flurry of work activity that always seems to occur right after the holidays. But, couldn't let another day go by without sharing a great story about a lock that just wasn't going to let go! Forgive me while I get totally predictable and trite and say "now that's an unbreakable bond!" From our friend, JMW in London, England...
What music would we use to accompany display of this little story!?

Elsewhere, ghastly wars, flung in everyone's conscience; other ghastly wars kept away from our guilt glands; all around us, a collapsing economy - and we choose to spend 15 minutes on THIS?

A cycle has been obstructing our pavement - it has been there for about a fortnight like this - single pedestrians can readily step round it but those wheeling a pram might find it more awkward; this is the second cycle in recent months, fixed to this post - the previous bike disappeared leaving a massive locked chain at the foot of the post; the present one is in a rigid position.

A jack for lifting cars has been inserted into the D-Lock and expanded, intending to force the D-Lock apart; indeed, it has bent - but the car-jack is now rigid and so is the position of the whole assembly. This is why the bike can not be moved, as things are ...

It does not take too much of an effort - with a wrench - to force the car-jack to fold back, and so to remove it and allow the bike to be set straight.

We have now set the bike straight. It has suffered one cut brake-cable, and scratches to the frame. We do not have time to knock on local doors to find the owner - who might be far away, and this bike itself stolen . At any rate, it is now less obstructive to users of the pavement.

The battered, bent but undaunted (kryptonite) D-lock continues in place to do its job.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!

No 2008 year in review comments to be found here. We'll leave that to all the other journalists and bloggers. I'd rather focus on the opportunity to make a change that is presented to all of us with the beginning of a new year. This year, more than any in the recent past, let's not waste a single day!

Wishing all of our friends and blog visitors a happy 2009! Thanks for visiting. Come back often.
Watch for our latest ramblings and reports.