Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Masiguy - Tim Jackson

I just got a comment from Blue Squirrel, who happens to be a cool guy and the Masiguy's best friend. Y'all know Masiguy from his blog or from the times I've mentioned him here. Tim Jackson is a good friend to me personally and we've collaborated professionally a couple of times, too. A great, great guy.

Well, Blue Squirrel floored me with his comment to go read his blog about Tim....OH MY GOODNESS! He's been hurt...badly....while on his bike. He's having surgery today!

I'm hoping Blue doesn't mind me posting his update here (below picture). Please continue to watch his blog and this space for updates on Tim. Please keep this fellow cyclists and all around great guy in your thoughts and prayers.

unfortunately i have some bad news to report concerning one of our star riders, tim, aka masiguy, action jackson, maggie.apparently a total nob slowed down in front of him at the SD velodrome last night and tim tried to go high and ended up hitting the boards at 30mph +. he sustained a concussion [he was out for 5 minutes], broken ribs, a few fractured neck bones and a mangled thumb that will have surgery done on it today. please keep tim in your prays and i will update his legions of fans here as soon as i know more.

UPDATE: KK, who is a frequent contributor here and a wonderfully funny and warm woman, has sent me a note saying that she just talked with Tim's nurse and that Tim's out of surgery and doing well. He's resting now, but she's headed to the hospital to see for herself. Blue Squirrel is headed there tonight, too. Wish I could go with them...but there's 3,000 miles between here and there. Keep sending those good vibes, folks!

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