Friday, April 18, 2008

Perewitz Custom Seats

by Jody Perewitz

We recently formed a business relationship with Continental Seating out of Texas. Last week while Dave was in Dallas, he went to the factory where our new custom chairs are made. We will be selling these theatre chairs with the Perewitz logo on them or your bike embroidered on it!

The chairs arrived here Thursday. Dave ripped open the boxes and immediately took a seat! We have one set up in the "living room" at the shop and the other one will be going on the road with us. There are 2 different models. One is a basic but still nice model, then there is a model with chrome legs, massage, heat, and wicked nice leather!

We took one with us this past weekend to a show on Long Island. It was a big hit! Everyone loved it. It also added a nice custom touch to our booth. We had Michele Smith from American Thunder lounging in it for a little while.

It was tough to conduct business while sitting in the chair… Jeff was able to do it though! We couldn’t get Jeff out of the chair.

The show was really busy so Dave was constantly talking, taking pictures, and signing autographs with customers otherwise I would bet he would be in the chair.

You can purchase these chairs for your home theatre, office, living room, etc. We will have pricing for these ASAP, so check our website for more info!

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