Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Picture....

...is worth a thousand words, right?

Check out the photo with this Boston Globe article, "An April Fools Protest"

Fine print: We do not recommend using our locks this way...but we know people do and this photo just said so much I couldn't help posting it.


Kk said...

Go Red! Hey, that's the same lock I have. Damned decent of her to wear it with the logo facing right side up and all!

'Kryptonite - the choice of red-headed environmental activists everywhere!'

Good for you Donna.

Marrock said...

You know... taking that pic as inspiration you could always market them as jewelry.

I'm still waiting on mine, christmas and my birthday skated on by and no one took my not so subtle hints.

Also, you folks need to start making the 15'Kryptoflex cable again.

Fritz said...

What does Kryptonite's warranty say about the use of your locks in protests?

The redhead's eyeglasses are missing in the 2nd photo of her.

Donna T. said...

Glad y'all liked the photos as much as I did.

I like the jewelry idea, Marrock, except they are a tad heavy, don't cha think? Maybe the 2' cable as a necklace, though...hmmm...

KK - LOVED that the logo was the right side up. Made me smile.

Hope she isn't in too much trouble.

Fritz...don't have any language about that in our packaging materials. But, we do know that people use our locks in protests often. It's nice that they think of us as the best.