Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners

Carlton Reid has created a wonderful tutorial for bike beginners. You know who you are, you love bikes - love the idea of them - ride a little - but still aren't quite sure what language your serious riding buddies are speaking when talking about upkeep. This video will help. Really. Check it out.

Oh, and another cool thing - the music was created by using bike parts. Clever.

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Anonymous said...

This video is really great, I love it!!! I particularly enjoy the music as one who has played "wheel" for many years.

One disclaimer might be added though . . .

While it is definately a great primer on "bike speak" it is distinctly "British" bike speak. If you go around calling your derailler's a front or a rear "mech" in the States people will look at you as if you just refered to the trunk of your car a "boot" or you cars hood as a "bonnet".

Chris Fallon