Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rock Racing Gear is Here...Almost!

Maybe it's been my pestering...or maybe a lot of you have been pestering them....but Rock Racing has finally announced when their gear is going to be for sale. May 20th. Only 26 days away (no, I'm not that fanatical; they have a counter on the front of their site).

Mark your calendars for May 20th! Until then, you can view it here and I must say, that green and black is kick butt! It's called Body Armour/Venom. HA!

Good stuff, guys!


Kk said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Skulls for everyone! Thanks for relaying this crucial information Donna.

Donna T. said...

I thought it was pretty important my own self... :)

Fred said...

I've been coveting this stuff for a while. My only hope is that it's priced for the masses, not like his jeans.

Donna T. said...

I'm with ya, Fred! I was kind of hoping for t-shirts and a jacket, too (like a windbreaker type). I'll be right on their site on the 20th and let you know what I find..and how much I buy. :)