Monday, April 28, 2008

Tattooed Crew Contest

by Roberta Fahey, Customer Service
Bashful, Customer Service

Craig's tattoo inspired us to run this fun contest. Match the correct Team Kryptonite member to the correct tattoo. The first 3 people with all the correct answers win a Justice League padlock -your choice of character.

Of course, you also get braggin' rights, which is priceless.






Team Kryptonite members:
Bashful, Dave Perewitz, Donna Tocci, Jody Perewitz, Melissa McPherson, Roberta Fahey, Roby Holland


Jody said...

I can pick out a couple!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Here are my best guesses.

Bashful, (B)
Dave Perewitz, (F)
Donna Tocci, (E)
Jody Perewitz, (C)
Melissa McPherson,(A)
Roberta Fahey,(G)
Roby Holland,(d)

Boy is that hard with seven tattoos!

Mr. Motorcycle

Donna T. said...

Jody - so you know two...but do you have a clue about the others? Email me...see if you get them right!

Mr. M. -- you did pretty good there. You've got two of 'em right! I wonder if giving the job titles will help...maybe not, but here we your order
Bashful is one of our great customer service reps.
Dave is...well, he's Dave!
Me...I'm the marketing manager
Jody is the newest member of Team Kryptonite.
Melissa is our receptionist and customer service rep.
Roberta is the customer service supervisor.
Roby is our national sales manager.

Does that help? ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I know all these people and this is still hard. I understand if I am not eligible to win, being a former employee, but I want to guess anyway. Here goes:

Bashful: B
Dave P: F
Donna T: D
Jody P: A
Melissa M: C
Roberta F: G
Roby H: B

Kel Gal

Donna T. said...

Hey KelGal - good to hear from you and nice to know you are still following this crazy bunch! Of course you are eligible....
It's harder than you'd think, though, huh? Well you got 4 correct! Try again! HA!
By the had 2 people down for is correct.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, Bashful was supposed to be E, not B.

Kel Gal

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's swap Jody to C and Melissa to A and see if that does it.

Kel Gal