Thursday, June 26, 2008

I just don't get it???

by Roby Holland, National Sales Manager

I was in a large sporting goods store last night to look for some lacrosse sticks for my son and I to play with. I had some time and wondered over to the bike section to check out what was going on and gather some intel.

While I was doing this, I overheard a sales person pitching a customer on a kids' bike. Well, it really wasn't a pitch, it was more like a verbal warning not to buy that bike - at least to me it was.

The customer was asking a few good questions about shifting and breaking to get an understanding of how it works. The salesman began to demonstrate how these components work and as he tried to do this they did not work in the same manner in which he was explaining it. Then sales person proceeded to explain to the customer that the bike was improperly put together and proceeded to give him a crash course on how to fix it.

As I looked over at the customer, he began to get this glazed look as he tried to keep pace with the sales person's instructions and then he broke. In a short verbal burst he asked the sales person if he could do it. The sale person's response was "I'm pretty sure I can, we have a shop in the back".

I thought to myself , why would you allow or even want a person who said "I'm pretty sure I can" to work on your son's or daughter's new bike? Why would you want to buy a bike that is improperly assembled? This blew me away and it is not the first time I have heard similar sales pitches in big stores like these.

I guess now that I have a child, I look at it differently. Would you buy a car if the sales person told you it was assembled wrong? I don't know about you, but my kid wouldn't even get to smell the inside; I'd be out of there so fast.

If you take away something from this rant I would ask that it be this. If the sales person tells you how to fix the new bike that you are about to buy, walk away, or run away and find a real bike shop. They are all over the place and they will be able to give you the right advice and get you, your kid, your family or your friend on the right bike, safely!

Did you catch that last word.....SAFELY!!!!! I have nothing against these stores except they don't do a good job to make biking a safe and enjoyable sport for the masses that they serve.


Jody & Nicole at Barb's Harley TONIGHT

Jody Perewitz and Nicole (Hoffman) Roesch are off to the Philly area tonight to participate in another Women's Riding Essentials evening. They will be at Barb's Harley Davidson in NJ, just outside Philly. You can see the event poster and all the info in Barb's "Women Only" section of her website. Barb just ROCKS!

If last week is any indication of how these events are going, tonight is going to be a night you don't want to miss.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cyclist? Pilot?

by Eric Anastasia, Eastern Regional Manager

Check this guy out. Is he a cyclist or a pilot?

He peddled this 52-foot long blimp across the English Channel. Another great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Who wants to help make one of these? Maybe we can have Dave Perewitz paint some flames on it when we are done.


Thanks to my very good friends at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, the cat's out of the bag on some big news for me personally.

After 8+ great, great years here at Kryptonite I'll be starting a new adventure on July 1st. I've been holding off writing about it here because then that makes it very real and, to be honest, although it's a fabulous opportunity and I'm excited about it, I'll very much miss both the bike and motorcycle industries. This has been my home for all these years and I'm grateful to the people in both industries for welcoming me with open arms and making me part of these fabulous groups.

The element of any job that makes it or breaks it is the people. I've been extremely fortunate to work with some of the best people in the industry here at Kryptonite. And, I've interacted with some other intelligent, wonderful people throughout both these markets. It's been a blast and I'll miss the daily interaction. But, I am happy knowing that some of those friendships can't be broken by just a job change. For that I'm extremely thankful.

However...having said all of that....I'm not going to far...well, it's a big leap in some respects and not so much in another. Next week I'll start my new role as Director of Web/New Media for our parent company, Ingersoll Rand. So, if you think you've seen the last of me online, you are sadly, sadly mistaken! The absolute passion that I have for all things new & social media will be parlayed into a full time job! How cool is that?! I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas!!

Know what's cooler? I'll be working in Ingersoll Rand's New Jersey office a couple of days a week and then I'll be spending the rest of the time here in the Kryptonite office. Although I won't be doing any Kryptonite work, I'll still be at the same email and phone number. Yes, I'm a lucky duck. continue the good luck....because she knows it would be like quitting an addiction cold turkey, Karen has decided to let me still be a guest blogger here! You know I'll have rants about the Tour Day France and, like it or not, you'll be hearing them. I'll still be down at the Perewitz shop and will let you know what's going on there, from time to time. And, in general, I might just have some fun action sports things to say - I'll jump on and let you know what's on my mind.

Kryptonite is currently looking for a new marketing manager; you can find the listing here. So, it won't be long before you are being introduced to another Team Kryptonite member right here. Until then, I'm still can't get rid of me that easily! And, don't worry, there's plenty for me to write about before the 1st...stay tuned!

Ride safe.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh What A Night...

The Women's Riding Essentials at Perewitz Cycle Fab last night was nothing less than fantastic! We had a great group of women ranging from veteran riders to completely new riders. Some have a motorcycle, some are on their 3 or 4th motorcycle, one just bought her first and a couple more are looking to purchase their first.

Not only did Nicole and Jody share their experiences and wisdom, but the camaraderie of the women was indescribable. They listened to each other, shared their experiences and formed new friendships that, I believe, will become new riding partners. I truly feel lucky to have shared in the evening.

So, Nicole, are you going to be kick starting Jody's Panhead?

Nicole fascinated us all by sharing her experiences of racing on the high banks of Daytona International Speedway.

Both ladies talked about being safe on the motorcycle and wearing the proper gear - helmets, gloves, jackets etc. They both want to be as protected as they can be when riding. Bright colors, like Jody's Icon jacket, are recommended so others on the road can see you.

It was a beautiful evening so we conducted the evening outside at the picnic tables. Susan and Jody put out a spread that would have fed an army! We ate and talked about motorcycles for hours on a lovely, relaxing June evening. How much better does it get than that? did....

At the end of the evening, Jody gave us a tour of the "inner sanctum" of Perewitz Cycle Fab. We got to see Jeff's new bike being built, Jody's Buell, some of the other projects they have going on (that shall remain secret!) and then....Jody showed us her newest creation. She's building a custom bike from the ground up. It should be completed by Sturgis. Here's a sneak peek just for the ladies.

We got to see it from all angles and hear all the plans she has for it, but we'll leave you with just the, unfinished, front view. I'll leave out the details about what's unfinished on the front. You'll just have to stay tuned over on the Plog (Perewitz blog) to see the finished masterpiece. Or, head to Sturgis to see it for yourself!

All in all, it was a fantastic evening!

Thank you to everyone at Perewitz Cycle Fab who helped to make this a great night - it was mostly Jody, Susan, Jaren and De...but, if truth be told the guys pitched in on the set up a little bit. Thank you all!

And thanks to the ladies who attended. It was great to meet you all! Safe riding!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Women's Riding Essentials Tonight!

Don't forget ladies...tonight is the Women's Riding Essentials at Perewitz Cycle Fab!

We were there last night and gave the guys fair warning - they are to be OUT tonight. This is for ladies only! Nicole and Jody will be talking to women riders about a whole host of things - how they got started - some safety tips - gear tips - riding tips - simple maintenance and answer your questions.

Jody's got some great raffle prizes (she always does!) and food coming. Susan, broken hand and all, is even making some of her famous meatballs.

Come on and join us at 6pm. Address in Bridgewater on the Perewitz site, but if you need more info, just give them a call. 508-697-3595.

See you there!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bike Night & Women's Riding Essentials




And...some of the internal Kryptonite gang (Eric, Roby, Tim and me!)

When? Where?

There are two opportunities in some cases.

The FIRST Perewitz Bike Night of the season is tomorrow night.
Wednesday, June 18 at 6pm at Perewitz Cycle Fab
We'll all be there. C'mon down!

The first WOMEN'S RIDING ESSENTIALS is Thursday night.
If you are a woman who has questions about starting to ride or are a new rider, this is the night for you! Jody & Nicole are kickin' out all of the guys from Perewitz Cycle Fab and having a women's only night. They'll talk about their experiences on motorcycles - how they got started - some safety tips - gear tips - riding tips - simple maintenance and answer your questions. The fun starts at 6pm.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Incredible Hulk Anyone?

Although I'm back from vacation, I haven't had the chance to see The Incredible Hulk yet. But, lots and lots of people did from the box office returns.

Did you see it? Was there a Kryptonite chain or lock in it? While they were filming we worked with the crew to send up some locks for a possible early scene where someone rides a bike up to a building and goes inside. Who knows if it got cut or not, but if you saw the movie, or if you are going to see the movie, let me you see a Kryptonite lock there? Either a New York Chain or an Evolution Mini.

C'mon....don't keep me in suspense....did you see the movie? Is it any good? And...of course, did you see a lock?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We wish all of you dads a wonderful Father's Day filled with everything you like to do!

And to the Team Kryptonite dads.....Joe, Don, Rob, Roby, Gustavo, Ross, Craig, Bob and Dave....enjoy your day with your great kids!

Friday, June 06, 2008


I'm going on vacation. For a whole week. I'm so excited I can't stand it! I may, or may not blog from my trip. And, you may, or may not hear from the rest of the Kryptonite Krew....but have no fear, we're still here and will be back with you in a week (or sooner, if I miss ya!). But, every once in awhile you just need to step away from the technology....

This is me....stepping away.....but I'll be back!

Enjoy your week!

Welcome TRANE!

As part of Ingersoll Rand, we have some very big news to share. Ingersoll Rand, as of yesterday, has completed its acquisition of Trane. No, I didn't spell that wrong and we aren't going to complete with Amtrak.

Trane is "an acknowledged world leader in air conditioning systems, services and solutions that provide heating, cooling and clean air in commercial buildings and residences around the globe. From the world's tallest skyscrapers to the house next door, Trane's diverse offerings of products, services and systems provide comfort, energy efficiency and peace of mind for millions of people."

I can speak for that last part about "comfort" and, to an extent about "world leader". When we went to iceBike in the UK earlier this spring check out what was in my room....

And then, when we went to the All-Star Race at Lowe's Motor Speedway, check out what was in my room at the DoubleTree.

Trane takes care of me wherever I go! I'll bet that the next time you go into a hotel you'll see them, too, especially where I'm two for two.

Everyone here at Kryptonite welcomes the Trane employees to Ingersoll Rand. We can't wait to get to know you all and find out how many of you are action sports nuts like us!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tour Day France

Although it's a race with "issues", there is always a little tingle of excitement when the Tour "Day" France starts. I just spied on my Facebook countdown that the start of Le Tour is only 29 Days away! Woa....where has time flown???

So, are you gonna watch this year? Me? I'm torn....I kind of have no time for the dramatics and, as I call them the "divorcing parents" (ASO, UCI), but listening to Bobke every night, watching the French countryside and fans is always fun. Levi...but...Bobke. Oy.

What are you going to do? Watch or not?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bicycling's Gear of the Day!

We love Bicycling Magazine. Always have. Turns out they kinda like us, too.

Loren Mooney has had a Kryptonite New York Lock protecting her bike in the city of the same name.

Check out her review of our flagship product as today's Gear of the Day!

Thanks, Loren!

What did I say????

by Roby Holland, National Sales Manager

I was on the last leg of my ride this morning, when a man walking a dog said "how are you?". I replied to him "Good, Good".

As I peddled off across the intersection I thought to myself....Good, Good. What the heck did I mean by that comment, Good, Good.

Did I mean to convey that I was REALLY GOOD, did I mean that I was OK, but could be better or did I mean I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. I began to think about the differnt responses that I give people through the course of the day and listed them out in my head. I wonder what people think when I respond with these different innocuous comments and what does that communicate to the person I'm responding to.

Some of my replies are so ambiguous that they left me thinking, "what the hell did I just say"? When you respond to someone who is asking you how you are think about your response. I find it totally funny to think about some of the responses that I have received and said.

Here are a few differnt responses that came to mind:
I'm alright
Just ducky....Yes there are people that say this as I do and I don't know why.
Just fine thanks
Doin well
I'm there
I'm standing aren't I
Well I made it out of bed to be here
I'm breathing
I have a heartbeat

Cheers Roby

Monday, June 02, 2008

Bikes Everywhere!

Because I don't watch TV in the morning - I can't, I'll get distracted and be late for work - I missed the piece The Today Show did last Friday on biking to work.

Thanks to Bicycle Retailer & Industry News for catching it and pointing me to it today because one of our distributors is mentioned for their great bike to work program. They interviewed Benjamin Joannou, Jr (one of the owners). He was talking about their incentive program for employees. Check this out - if they bike or walk to work and back the company will give them $4.00 per round trip. That can add up in a month. If you commuted 4 days a week for 4 weeks that would be $64 in your pocket. Not bad!

So, J&B employees are saving gas money, actually making money and helping the environment, just by not using their car. That's pretty darn cool! BRAVO J&B! Bravo! We're proud to have you as a partner!

On a related note, check out this story on today about the increase in people using bikes in Boston. I'll bet it's similar in your city/town, too.