Friday, May 30, 2008

Bike To Work Day

by Don Shipman, Western Regional Manager

On Bike to Work Day, May 15, I worked an Energizer station in downtown San Jose. Energizer Stations are set up throughout the Bay Area on Bike to Work Day to encourage bicyclists to ride. An Energizer Station is a small booth set up along the roadways of major bike commute routes that has food, goodies and free stuff to hand out. Every year, bicyclists who stop by these stations receive a free re-usable Bike to Work Day bag full of tips on safety and useful bicycling information.

This year, some of the Energizer Stations had Odwalla, CD's and the one downtown had free helmets. Yep free helmets! They weren't Giro's but they were good quality and it was about as good as free gets!

This year, there were roughly 200 Energizer Stations setup throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, conveniently located on major bike commuting routes. Hundreds (or close to a thousand) riders stopped by the downtown San Jose Energizer Station to take a break, grab an OJ, Bagle or even a helmet and spirits were high as the 80 degree morning weather could not have been better for getting on your bike.

At the end of the day the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition hosted a "Bike Home from Work" party in downtown San Jose that drew a packed house at Gordon Beirsch in downtown San Jose. The police had cordoned off the entire block with barricades for bike parking and it was filled with hundreds of bikes. The weather cooled to about 80 degrees again for a perfect ride home.

All in all, I put in about 40 miles that day riding on my urban bike. It was a work day but it sure didn't feel like work!

Off the beaten trail

by Roby Holland, National Sales Manager

This week I was on the road once again and for those who know me it usually means flying from Boston to where ever. This time was differnt, my trip was to up into Canada and the airfare was outrageous. Instead I decided to drive, it would cost half as much as the flight and with a new Thule bike rack atop my car I could bring my bike along and maybe get a ride or two in along the way.

On my way from Montreal to Toronto I was feeling the need to pull over and take a break. I pulled over in this town just north of Cornwall to fill up on gas and see if there was a bike shop around that could point me in the right direction for a afternoon ride. The guy behind the counter pointed me down the highway to a shop call Kalrim. Mind you I was in the middle of nowhere and I had a feeling that the shop was going to have a "gone fishing" sign hung on the door when I got there, I was wrong.

When I went in the store I met Parminder "Cookie" Kalsi, the owner. The store was small and decorated with pictures of hockey stars and cycling events from days long along. If you took the time to look closely you would see that Cookie was in most, if not all, the cycling pictures. In fact he was a top mechanic back in the day over in Europe and was on the circuit for a long time.

His craft brought him over to Canada working for companies like Speedwell and Yamaha. Yes, Yamaha was in the bike business back in the day. The companies that he worked for ended up going out of business and so he opened up Kalrim. In my conversation you could see that he loved the work that he was doing and that he was very passionate about cycling.

We had a great conversation about his ski tuning machine parked out in the back of his shop. The machine was similar to the one that I used when I was working as a ski tech and the conversation brought back memories of the fun times I had working in the shop.

After talking for awhile Cookie showed me the local bike trail and pointed out the route that I should take. I wanted to stay longer but I still had a long drive ahead and daylight was creeping away. So, with a farewell to Cookie, I headed off for my ride on the Cornwall bike trail.

Forty-Four miles later I was still eager to ride some more. The trail took me downtown and along the river through islands, it was awesome. I had never ridden a trail before on my road bike but it was great! No, cars to worry about - smooth pavement with no potholes! It was the way cycling should be experienced. The ride and my time meeting Cookie made my trip all the more worth it!

The long boring drive ahead of me passed quickly as I played back in my mind the day's ride. I will never forget this and I will look forward to doing it again in the next time I have to do this trip.

To Cookie,
Thanks for the maps and the direction, the ride was more then I was expecting! Take care and I look forward to seeing you again!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Craig's Theories 101

by Craig Glab, Central Regional Manager

Donna seems to have posted a lot about the NASCAR race, but not the shenanigans that went on behind the scenes.

After leaving the track on Friday, and visiting the Bass Pro Shop in Concord, we picked up Nicole and headed out to Dick’s to get a cooler for the next day and apparently, Donna wanted some candy and ended up with Hot Balls.

Then we went to dinner where I had to explain my broccoli theory to Roby, Nicole and Donna. My theory is that every restaurant uses broccoli as the filler vegetable. It’s the cheapest vegetable to buy so they offer it with everything. Have you noticed that restaurants offer it with steak, fish, chicken…whatever. They will throw it on every plate, unless you ask for something different. Why is that? Because the restaurant makes the most money from broccoli. I love broccoli, but I refuse to get it at a restaurant. I always ask for a different vegetable or side.

We even explained this to our waiter who then arrived at the table with a birthday treat for Roby because I told them it was his birthday at the beginning of the evening. The treat? It was a little dessert dish with a candle in a middle of 2 pieces of broccoli. Roby didn’t know exactly what to make if it all since it really wasn’t his birthday, it was a prank.

Roby, Nicole and me at the tent

The next day at the races, I decided to mix the Hot Balls with my beer. Why? Because the Hot Balls are hot and the beer was nice and cold. Donna didn’t seem to get that logic.

Got my first piece of NASCAR apparel, which was a Dale Jr. hat. Makes me enjoy my Mountain Dew that I drink every day! It made me part of Dale Junior’s crew/posse/fan base. Since I’ve spent so much money on Mountain Dew over the years I must have one little, tiny piece of the quarter panel of his car. Do you know that in convenience stores, Mountain Dew is the number 1 pop seller? At least it is at the corner store near my house.

And there you have it. We all had a great time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Every year we put out our “Top 10 Worst Cities for Bike Theft List” at the beginning of the summer riding season. Each of the years that I’ve done it, New York City has been at the top of this US list. Every year. A couple of years before I was here, Chicago snuck into the top spot, but then New York returned to its spot and must have felt comfy there because it never flinched…in something like 9 years.

We love New York. We love the bike riding folks there – messengers, commuters and students. And, unfortunately, we have to respect the thieves there. They are resourceful and keep us on our toes. Heck, our premier line is the “New York” line because we know, in the US, that’s the bike theft capital….but, now I’m wondering if we need to change the name of our products….

You see, there is a new city on top of our list. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I think it’s great for NYC, but maybe not so good for bike riders in this city a little to NYC’s south.

Without further ado……here’s our 2007 list…

Kryptonite’s Top 10 Worst Cities for Bike Theft

1. Philadelphia, PA
2. Chicago, IL
3. New York City, NY
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Tucson, AZ (tie)
Portland, OR (tie)
7. Denver, CO
8. New Haven, CT
9. Cambridge, MA
10. Austin, TX

Yup, I’m shocked, but that’s what the data tells us. This list is compiled by our proprietary data….input from our regional managers, hundreds of shop visits, input from colleges and universities we talk with, our customer service interactions (both over the phone/email and at events) and data from police in various cities. When we did the compilation, there wasn’t even a city close to Philly. Not even close.

There are a few other things here that are interesting….New Haven is a first timer on the list. Cambridge replaces the city across the river, Boston. No Washington, DC for the first time in a long time.

This tells me that more people are riding now in these “new” cities. Probably due to the rising, rising, rising gas prices. More bikes means more theft.

Why do this list? To make fun of cities? NO WAY! We know each and every one of these cities fights bike theft every day. No, it’s to kick off the summer biking season with a little awareness. Just because your city isn’t on this list, doesn’t mean theft doesn’t happen there – or even in your “sleepy little town”.

Theft won’t happen to you….until it does. Get a lock that is appropriate for your area….I’d suggest that it be a Kryptonite, but you know what? Get what you are comfortable with….get something your local bike dealer recommends (they know what you’ll need) and lock your bike properly each and every time. Even at home. And start teaching the kids early about locking their bikes, too.

Go to our main website, in the Tech Lab section and look at our “how to lock your stuff” info. This will give you good locking tips. We’ll also be posting photos and locking tips here in the next few weeks.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day "Thank You"

Many of us in the U.S. have come to think of Memorial Day as the three day weekend that kicks off the summer. It’s a time to go to the beach for the first time, watch the Indy 500 and/or the Coca Cola 600 and BBQ with friends.

But, there is such a deeper meaning than that. The true meaning of the holiday sometimes gets lost in our frantic rush to start summer. Memorial Day is the time to commemorate U.S. men and women who died during military service to our country. It’s a time to remember all of those we have lost, say “thanks”, if even in a silent prayer, and show kindness to the families they left behind.

For me personally, it’s also been a time to remember those who are serving, and who did serve -those who are very much alive and giving selflessly of themselves. Take the time to thank them for all they have done, and continue to do, so we can all live the lives we live. So we can go out on that long bike ride or ride down the highway or along a winding country road on a motorcycle - all without fear. We are free to wander where we may. So we can go to the beaches and the mountains and the lakes on our long weekend and know that we are as safe as we can be.

Now, things have changed quite a lot since 2001, and we need to be more vigilant here in the States, but when you look at the unrest in many other parts of the world, please do count your blessings. Those blessings are on Naval ships around the world, they are in Air Force planes and on the ground in Marine, Army and National Guard uniforms.

Please take the time to thank those around you who serve, or who have served. And, if they are far away, in one of those unsafe places, say a prayer for their safe return.

My personal thanks go to each and every one of the troops past and present, but especially those who have touched my world the most and served our country….my dad, George D., John K., Ronnie H., Pete K., Brian T., Sev, Rich S. and, in the Kryptonite family, Gustavo and Roby.



Thankfully, they are all out of harms way, but there are those who, courageously and unselfishly, still are out there doing their best to keep all that we hold near and dear safe..….in my world that means two I consider family, John and Travis (I’m so proud of you guys)….and Miss Meg, of course….and Eric, who is in the middle of it all right now. Please do keep them all in your prayers.


Travis with colleagues

To Eric and this brave unit...prayers for a safe return
Stay safe, my friends. And Thank You!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Extreme Testing!

by Rob Zuraski, Director New Product Development

Masiguy and others have asked for a sneak peak inside our development process but as you can imagine the need for us to keep this confidential so we don’t help out the competition. However, I wanted to share some insight into the real world testing that we do on our off time from our bikes/motorcycles in the winter.

Testing our product through real world extremes helps us to get a better understanding of “test lab” data and develop better products.

Lowe's Motor Speedway This Weekend!

If you are headed to Lowe's Motor Speedway this weekend for the Coca Cola 600, feel free to ride your motorcycle. There's plenty of motorcycle parking. Just look for the Kryptonite banners!

We won't have a tent there this weekend (what was I thinking?), but our sister company, Club Car will be there. Stop by and say "hello" to them. Tell 'em Kryptonite sent you!

My predictions? Danica Patrick. I know, I know, that's Indy, but don't forget it's a full day of racing on Sunday! So, Danica will take the first one....and Jeff Gordon will take the 600. Really. Believe me on this one. ;)

Enjoy the races.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

NYC Locking Locks

by Eric Anastasia, Eastern Regional Manager

You know when you are visiting shops in New York City when their Kryptonite Locks are locked with Kryptonite Locks.

This is what I saw at NYC VELO when I was traveling NYC with Danny the Action Bicycle rep.
Thought some of you would get a kick out of this. There is no messing around in the Big Apple.

Masiguy update

Got a call from Tim "Masiguy" Jackson last night. He's landed back in the hospital after a routine doctor's visit. It seems like he's developed multiple blood clots in his right leg. They've started him on meds and admitted him to keep an eye on the clots.

Blue Squirrel will have updates as will I, as we know more.

Keep Tim in your thoughts and prayers, please.

Update (11:30a)
Just talked with Tim. He's twiddling his thumbs in the hospital waiting to see if the blood thinners are going to do their job. But, as he says, he's able to "twiddle his thumbs", if he wants because the cast came off the thumb yesterday. The doc is very happy with the progress on it! That's great news. The doc also told him that the knee seems to be looking good, too. All good news, except the multiple blood clots. Right now they are trying to treat them with medicine and hope that works. If not, there may be a surgery involved. Let's all pray that the meds work.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And The Winner Is.....

The big day has arrived! While we were at Lowe's Motor Speedway this past weekend, people signed up to win a very cool raffle prize from Kryptonite - a New York Fahgettaboudit chain, a KryptoLok series 2 Mini, an Evolution series 4 Disc Lock, a Superman padlock and an Ingersoll Rand Thunder Gun!

One of our category managers, Don Warren, is a huge Tony Stewart fan, but wasn't able to make it to the race with us. So I asked Don to draw the winning name when we got back yesterday....are you ready race fans?? Are you feeling lucky?

And the winner of the Kryptonite lock package and the Thunder Gun is........
JIMMY HUNSUCKER from North Carolina

Woo-hooo! Congratulations Jimmy! We appreciate you stopping by and will be calling you soon about your prize.

Below are some more photos from our day at the track. Enjoy!

You have no idea how happy I was to see our banners at a NASCAR track!!! You can ask Craig and Roby, but I believe I squealed in delight when I saw this for the first time.
I was equally as thrilled to have our tent up so close to the track we could touch it! What a great location! Craig's doing a good job of holding down the grass don't you think?
As soon as we got the table set up people were right there. This is about 10am.

Before you knew it, there was hardly space to walk by the tent because so many people were lined up to see us. This was about noon-ish.

Nicole signed about 300 posters and posed for tons of photos with fans.

This was around the time Nicole was in the tent. This was around 2-ish. It was like this all day!

How clever was this? Not only were there Kryptonite banners in the motorcycle parking area, but John had each pole stickered! He just ROCKS!!

This is a Dale Earnhardt Junior motorcycle done by OCC. No, it wasn't in the parking area, it was under very watchful eyes.

This was a section of one of the infield motorcycle parking areas. Notice the cool Club Car in the photo, too. Yup, that was our 'baby' for the day. Thanks, Club Car!

Motorcycles in the Kryptonite Motorcycle Parking area at the front of the track.

There were motorcycles for as far as you could see!

The National Guard was protecting Dale Earnhardt Junior's Citizen Soldier car sponsored by our friends at 3 Doors Down. The band also did a pre-race concert for the fans inside the track.

That's the crowd about a half hour before the green flag trying to get to the track. It was an amazing sight!

The view as the sun went down from our seats in turn 2. Time to go racing!

What a great day for Kryptonite!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and congratulations to Kasey Kahne and Jimmy Hunsucker on their big wins!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Kryptonite Outlet is Open

Have you been looking for a Justice League Padlock? An M-18? A Chopper Chain? Can't find 'em anywhere? Well, look no further! We've just opened the Kryptonite Outlet! C'mon in and be one of our first customers.

What will you find there? Overstocks and discontinued items. Maybe an additional treat or two as we go along. But, there are limited quantities so if there is something there you want, I'd snatch it up now. Because when some of them are gone...they are gone for good. Also, the inventory there will change frequently so check back never know what you might find there.

C'mon in...we're always open!

Toronto Star and Kryptonite

Holy Cow! Check out the photo on the front page of the Toronto Star yesterday! How cool is that?!

They have articles in their bike section about the state of cycling in Toronto, the Cervelo bike brand and the cycling union movement. But, what do they put on the cover? A New York Lock! I think that's pretty darn cool.

Happy Monday to us!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

NASCAR, Birthdays and Full House

I'm back from the weekend at Lowe's Motor Speedway. We had a great time, met some wonderful folks and then watched a good race (congrats to Kasey Kahne on a great win!). I'm pooped, but wanted to post just a few photos before I'm done in for the evening. Don't worry - many more coming...and, on Tuesday, we'll announce the winner of the prize package right here!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our tent. Roby, Nicole, Craig and I enjoyed meeting you all!

The tent was packed all day! We never felt lonely once.

Nicole joined us for half the day and signed autographs, including for the lady on the right. It was her birthday! I am so sorry, but I'm not sure I got her name, or if I did, I don't recall after such a busy day, but, sincerely.....Happy Birthday!

We met so many people who had Harley shirts, Sturgis shirts and even Myrtle Beach 2008 shirts. We talked about motorcycles with people from Connecticut, North Carolina and just about every other Eastern US state. We felt right at home! Here's one of the parking areas for motorcycles in the infield.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Race Day!

Happy Race Day, NASCAR fans! It's time for the All-Star Race here at Lowe's Motor Speedway. If you are coming to the track tonight and live in the area, bring your motorcycle and park it in the Kryptonite Motorcycle Parking Area right in the front of the track! And, don't forget to stop by the Kryptonite tent and say "hi", as well as enter to win some great locks and an Ingersoll Rand Thunder Gun!

See you there!

Let's go racin'!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Checkin' Out Lowe's Motor Speedway

Craig, Roby and I went over to Lowe's Motor Speedway today - you know, the track where we are the official motorcycle parking area? Yea, that track. One of my very favorite places EVER!

I'll blog more after the All-Star Race tomorrow, but here are a couple of photos.....

The guys checking out the special All-Star car showcased in front of the Speedway's offices

Our sister company, Club Car, hooked us up with one of their cool, brand new vehicles. The guys LOVE this! I'm sure there will be stories about them driving this around...

Yes, this is a Kryptonite banner in the infield of Lowe's Motor Speedway!!! This gate was open today, but is going to be closed tomorrow so the banner will stand out a lot better. There are a ton outside the track, too! And stickers everywhere. The track did a great, great job for us.

More photos later in the weekend, but if you are coming out to Lowe's Motor Speedway for the All-Star Race, please come by the Kryptonite tent - we are right in the front of the track - near the Toyota demonstration and next to the Crocs tent. You can't miss us. We look forward to meeting you all!

Go Hendrick Motorsports!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Mellow Johnny's

Once you are a part of the Kryptonite family, you are always part of the Kryptonite family. I know a lot of companies say that, but we truly mean it. People who have worked here find it hard to pass a bike or motorcycle and not sneak a peek to see what lock is protecting it. I'd dare them to try, actually. It's just part of who we all are now.

One person, more than most, still has the Kryptonite blood running through his veins - Mr. Chris Fallon. He's still in the bike industry - he and his partner, Bill, make some incredible jerseys as Earth, Wind and Rider. He is also a daily reader here on our little slice of the blogosphere. He'd be the world's best blogger, too, if he ever decided to do that....but, I digress.

Got a cool email from Chris yesterday (about the whole Mellow Johnny's posts) and wanted to share it will you all.

I followed Tim's link to Bike Radar that had some nice pix of the opening.

One shot in particular (from an artistic and ironic viewpoint) caught my
eye. #20 of 21 titled "closing time at Mellow Johnny's". I liked it
because it showed a cyclist peering through the closed doors with a 40+
year old beat up Raleigh 3-speed (one that is certainly loved and cared for
by a real cyclist if viewed with a keen eye). The irony is that all the
previous shots showed the real high end multi$$$$$$ machines on sale at the
shop but the guy outside looking in, while a true cyclist, is on what most
people would consider an old wreck. But, the bike has great value to him as
is evidenced by the fact he has a $120 saddle on it, and a $60 lock on the
seat post.

Spying and identifying the Mini would have been a real problem in the old
days (due to the angle of the photo) but some very smart people at
Kryptonite decided to put an orange tip on it so . . . there it is, and
here it is
. . .

Chris, I love the way you tell a story...and I love that you saw the Mini...I'd even missed it when I first saw the photo. I know, I's in your blood.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lowe's Motor Speedway Here We Come!

Ok, this is a huge week here at Kryptonite. Seems like just about every member of our team is out and about. Dave Perewitz is down at Myrtle Beach Bike Week with his new cool '66 Shovelhead. I talked with him the other day and he's pretty excited about it.

Eric is off to Bike to Work Day in Washington, DC. We've been a proud supporter of this event for years and year. This will be Eric's first time and he's looking forward to it. If you are going, please see him under the yellow Kryptonite tent and say "hi".

But, I think I have the best end of the deal. As a friend said to me this week, "Talk about combining work and pleasure ... it's your dream trip!" She's known me a long time so she's right.

Don't get me wrong, we all love what we do here at Kryptonite. I don't think we could do our jobs as passionately as we do if we didn't. But, my friend is right....guess where I'm going? Guess...Ok, the title of the post gives it away. I'm like a small child right before Christmas.

Roby, Craig, Nicole and I are going to be at Lowe's Motor Speedway this weekend for the NASCAR All-Star Race! We are the official motorcycle parking area for the speedway this year and we are all stoked about that.

Our ad in the Fan Guide

If you are going to the track on Saturday night c'mon down on your motorcycle. There's plenty of room to park and the Kryptonite Krew will have a yellow tent near there (you can't miss us) so come by and say "hi".

On Saturday afternoon from 1-3pm Nicole Hoffman Roesch will be signing autographs. All day we'll be taking entries for a cool prize pack, too. A Kryptonite security package that includes a New York Fahgettaboudit chain, Evolution series 4 Disc Lock, a KryptoLok series 2 Mini and a Superman padlock. On top of that.....we've also got a Street Legal Thunder Gun! I'm not kidding....ok, it hasn't arrived yet so I might only have a photo at the tent...but it's on order and I have my fingers crossed...but, regardless, whoever wins will get it next week. Winner announced right here on Tuesday!

We'll also have lanyards and stickers and one of the new cool Club Cars to display (and ride around in....beep, beep).

I'm so excited I can barely contain myself!!! Do come by and say "hey" to this fellow NASCAR fan...and let me know who you think is going to win the All-Star Race. I already know who (hint below) but you can weigh in, too.

Ride safe and see you at the track!

Look for this ad in the Lowe's Motor Speedway program!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Biking in Boston...and Austin

Got a couple of quick tidbits for you as we get into the middle of Bike to Work week:

This weekend the Boston Globe had a great piece about Specialized creating versions of their new bikes to specifically fit different cities around the world. They've got one for New York, London, Seattle, Chicago and, yes, our little Boston!

It's a purple bike and seems fairly cool:
"There are big nods to messenger culture, including drop handlebars in bare chrome, a white chain (yes, it's really white), and white-painted rims and hubs. Flip the rear wheel around, and you can ride the bike as a fixed-gear, meaning you're always pedaling, whether you're accelerating or slowing."

Cooler still....our friend Chris is quoted as the counter to the 'fab' review...he's a Stah (as we say in Boston)....
Chris Rowe, a messenger who used to paint frames at Independent Fabrication, the high-end bike maker in Somerville, sums up a few common complaints. "The tribal graphics are kind of weird," he says of the paint job. "The track handlebars are wrong - for messengers, three-speed or downhill-type bars have been a Boston tradition since at least the early 1990s. And most of us ride steel frames - they break less than aluminum, and they're comfier on Boston streets."

Today, the Boston Globe has a piece about Mayor Menino taking a 'ceremonial ride' to kick off Bike Week in the city that has vowed to become bike friendly. It's kind of funny that the Mayor only rode a half mile yesterday since he truly is someone who rides his bike for exercise throughout the summer. Allez, Mr. Mayor!

Oh, and the Masiguy, Tim Jackson, has been crowing about Mellow Johnny's carrying Masi bikes (and that is completely fantastic!), but we've got some crowing to do of our own....turns out Mr. Armstrong's new shop not only carries Masi, but they also are an exclusive Kryptonite dealer. Yea...we're into world domination, too, Jackson!!

Ride safe, y'all!

Monday, May 12, 2008

IPMBA Conference

by Eric Anastasia, Eastern Regional Manager

A couple of weeks ago I attended the International Mountain Bike Police Association Conference which was held in Indianapolis Indiana. We were asked to support one of their training seminars "Tackling Bike Theft".

I joined IPMBA instructors Liz and Steve both whom are officers at University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. We covered all kinds of topics including "Proper Lockup Techniques" and that is where I came in. This got a lot of the group up and out of their seats to see proper procedures when it comes to locking either their bikes, or teaching the community in which they serve.

Besides the presentation that I took part in, I also got to speak with a lot of other safety personnel. Everyone I spoke to was very appreciative that we were there educating them on the topic that we here all know so well.

I also learned some things that I didn’t know or never noticed. Like that in large cities, like L.A. (probably Boston too), they use bikes to deploy EMS personnel in crowded events and parades. These people can be riding with gear weighing over 35 pounds (that could change the handling of the bike a bit). Also all the intensive training the Public Safety workers that use bicycles as a means of transportation go through.

All and all is was great to be apart of this conference, to not only teach what I know but to learn what they know and do on a regular basis.

Landry's Hosts Bob Roll

Friday night we were at Landry's Boston store for "An Evening with Bob Roll." Rob, Roby, Eric and I had a blast at the shop - everyone was so nice and they had everything planned perfectly. I think Bob's going to blog about it, but I thought I'd post some photos before then.

I just loved this display of the jersey and the old fashioned sign.

I might like this display just a teeny bit more, though. How could I not? It's what you see as you walk through the front door! I'm not kidding - it's right there. Have I mentioned that we love the guys and gals at Landry's?

Rob, Eric, Bob and Roby hanging out before the event

Packed house! I think there were a couple of hundred people there. Everyone had a great time.

Bob joins manager Mark Vautour and the rest of the Landry's Crew. I dig their shirts, don't you?!

After the event, Mark brought us to the Washington Square Tavern, which isn't too far from the shop. Gerry's the owner and made us feel extremely welcome all evening. He's a cyclist (if you can't tell by his shirt!)and hosts evening rides with the Landry's crew on Tuesday nights. But, better than that...yes, there is a "better than that"...the food is amazing! I've been raving about it all weekend to everyone I know in the area; both Roby and I have been telling everyone in the office today, too. It was the perfect end to a great event.

Thank you to Mark and everyone at Landry's for making us feel so welcome - and, of course, for being such a great Kryptonite partner!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


There are so many things to do this are only a few of the VERY coolest!

BOB ROLL at Landry's Boston store. Friday night at 7pm. C'mon out. Roby, Eric and I will all be there, too.....but we won't be offended when you tell us that you're there to see Bob...

Barb's Harley-Davidson in New Jersey is having their annual Open House on Saturday. Dave Perewitz will be there -- and, bonus....Susan and Jaren will be there, too!

Austin's latest bike shop, Mellow Johnny's, is opening on Saturday at 7am. They expect "special guests." Why's that so important? Lance Armstrong owns the joint. You figure it out. If you go let us know how it was....and take photos that you can share.

There's Cyclism Sunday on Versus! The Giro is going on, don't cha know!

And, of course, on Sunday it's Mother's Day. Celebrate by going on a Tour Day Neighborhood with mom. Just please make us and your mother happy and WEAR A HELMET, please!

Have a great, great weekend! And, Bostonians...we expect to see you on Friday night!

Kryptonite City

I love getting emails like this. David Bowman of Outdoor Gear Canada, our fabulous distributor in Canada, sent me an email with the subject line, "Kryptonite City".

When I opened it, he told me to look at the attached photos that his nephew, Nicholas Mirotchnick took in New York City recently. Seems Nicholas is a student in the city and this bike rack caught his eye.

How cool is that? And, before you, it wasn't staged at all. He just saw this walking by and thought he should snap it and get it to his uncle. After all - this shows just about 99.9% bike security ownership by Kryptonite on this New York City street. THAT is pretty darn COOL!

Look at all of those New York Chains! Guess we named that product appropriately, eh?

Thanks Nicholas, and David, for making our day!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

English Lake District

by Paul Graveson, European Sales & Marketing Manager

Living in the Beautiful Kent countryside near the South coast of England I have few excuses for not getting out into the great outdoors, although my burgeoning middle age spread tells a different story! However, my first blog for Kryptonite takes me back to my roots in the North West of England...

Two or three times a year I get together with a few of my old mates from 'up-North' to do some walking, biking and a little drinking in the English Lake District! Due to work commitments (yes I do), I've missed the last few outings with the Lakeland dogs (my mates). So arriving in Ambleside, a small town on banks of Lake Windermere, was pleasant and warming feeling - I'll try not to get too poetic just yet.

Due to the long drive I arrived late, checked into my hotel and then set off the Drunken Duck pub. Now for those of you who don't know this part of the world we are talking about a unique piece of heaven on earth, pristine countryside, quaint pubs, lots of sheep and... lots of rain!

Believe me, the rain only serves to buff the sparkling-green terrain so that when the sun does arrive you can take a deep breath and feel at one with the world.

On arriving at the Drunken Duck the early birds where already out and about on their mountain bikes, the real workers had a pint and contemplated which curry house we would be frequenting that evening...

Meet Spike & Baldric (Mike & Sean to their Mothers). They are both bankers, really, & while the rest of us are consumed by the effect of the sub-prime market, they're out on their bikes - who's steering the flippin ship!?

After a bite to eat & a pint of England's finest bitter, we set off into the wilderness, onward and upward toward Helvelyn. Now I need some leeway here because it rained so much we didn't actually do much of a climb and just ended up doing a lowland walk around Grasmere & Rydal Water (look-up Wordsworth if you want to get poetic). Still it was good fun, the company was great and the heart warmer for the effort.

Yes, I've noticed too, the The Lakeland Dogs do have a penchant for blue!

Chipps Chippendale, the editor of Singletrack Magazine, was my inspiration for this blog post. After reading his magazine for the first time I realised that you could be over 40, enjoy an odd drink with your mates and still be part of the action sports world, power to your elbow Chipps!

My next blog will take us away from cycling to the world of five-a-side football, the football where you use your feet - OK, if you must, 'soccer!', and the epic journey of the 'Real Stars' soccer team & their quest for mediocrity.

See ya soon


It's a Bike....It's a Motorcycle...What?

Mr. Motorcycle is a new blog out there about....go ahead...guess...I'll wait....

Yes! It's about motorcycles and motorcycle riding and the pure love of riding. We've added Mr. Motorcycle to our blogroll because it's a fun blog to read.

A couple of days ago, Mr. Motorcycle sent us a fun link to check out because he thought it "totally fit into your biking world". He was right - check out the "1937 Peugeot bicycle fitted with a Bugatti T72A engine".

Cool, huh? Welcome to the Kryptonite Krew, Mr. Motorcycle!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bike to School Week Kicks off in UK!

Most of you know that we've donated Kryptonite branded bike racks to cities and towns in the US over the last year - and we will be again this year. It's been quite a successful program with lots of interest in the racks.

At the end of last year, our friend Carlton Reid put in a request that we just couldn't refuse. We donated 20 bike racks to St. Catherine’s RC Primary School in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The head master is very pro-cycling for the kids. And then, of course, there are pro-cycling parents. It's a great recipe for more kids getting on bikes throughout their tenure at the school. It doesn't get better than that.

Check them out - they were in place last week (yes, it took a little longer that I'd hoped to get them overseas.....but it's all good)

This area will eventually have a covering over it so the kids are sheltered when properly locking and unlocking their bikes, of course.

Look - there are some kids already using the racks! But, the big kick off to the "Kryptonite Korner" was today. The start of Bike to School Week in the UK.

Not only did the kids all ride to school and fill up the racks, but Kevin Brennan, Minister for Children & Schools visited St. Cats and cut the tape on the new bike safety area! How cool is that?! We have Carlton to thank for that, too. Nicely done!

These are some great photos courtesy of Carlton, with more here. Check them out. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Bravo to all! Encouraging kids to be on their bikes is healthy and fun. Bravo, bravo!!!

UPDATE (5/7): Some great coverage on this event can be found at:

The Journal

The Journal cover shot (photo Carlton Reid)


Bike For All