Friday, April 25, 2008

The life of the traveling salesman

by Craig Glab, Central Regional Manager

The four weeks. The whole month. It’s just about over and I’ve been gone all month.

Week 1 – Minneapolis/St. Paul. After the fine experience of my first tattoo, Don Shipman and myself traveled with the Tucker Rocky reps in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We went to both motorcycle and bicycle shops, sharing our experiences and fine tuning each other.

Week 2 – I drove down to Chicago, IL and Roby Holland, might I say, our National Sales Manager, came out and traveled with me that Monday and Tuesday. He was showing me the city of Chicago through his eyes. We also did a Lexco open house (one of our distributors) that Tuesday night while we were there.

Week 3 – I was in Portland, Oregon to meet with a potential new customer. We’ll be excited to bring them on board! Flew to Charlotte, NC to attend Ingersoll Rand’s internal school – IRU. I was sharpening up my skills to be a better salesman.

Now I’m home; it’s 80 degrees out but I’ve got emails to read and mail to go through. I can’t wait for next week. I’m on vacation! I’m turning my cell phone and everything else off. I’ll be working on my custom motorcycle.

See you in May – I’ll be back in Charlotte, NC for the May 17th race at Lowe’s Motor Speedway where we are the official motorcycle parking area of the speedway.


Mr. Motorcycle said...


I'd love to see you sneek in a post of your custom motorcycle that you are building including some pictures.

Don't think you get to mention it in a post non-chalontly, and not give us readers a peek.

That's like being in gradeschool, and telling someone- "I know someone who likes you", and then not giving up the name.

Please do share. (Pretty please with sugar on top.)

Donna T. said...

Mr. Motorcycle - you are too funny! Since I think Craig might start his vacation a little early (and who can blame him), if you'll permit me...I can direct you to a couple of links for photos of the project.
Here's the first installment:

Here's the second:


Craig, can't wait to see the third installment after your vaca!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Hey, Thanks for the info.
I checked it out. Cool bike. Can't wait to see more. I love bobbers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I will be working on it this week.