Friday, June 26, 2009


First it was slow food and now its slow ride...Its really fun to see the explosion in interest in all things cruiser bikes! Our good friends at Kickstand Magazine have had tremendous response to their inaugural issue and are reporting numbers as much as 500-600 riders at cruiser rides they're holding across the country this summer. What a sight it must be to see! To get a hint of the good stuff you'll find in the magazine (look for it at a bike shop near you) check out or Also watch this space for more information about their ride calendar, should you want to check out some of the bikes in person. You'll see Kryptonite locks around the events for sure.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Watch Out For That Bike Lock

Here at Kryptonite we've been picking up on an unsettling trend lately. Be aware and beware! It seems that in some cities enterprising bike thieves have been targeting bikes that can be easily broken, putting their own lock on the bike and leaving for later pick up. When they return what does the passerby see? Nothing out of the ordinary - a guy unlocking a bike with a key and riding away. Don't get me wrong, even a lightweight, flimsy lock can serve a good purpose, but when you need to make sure your bike isn't stolen, don't risk becoming a target like this. Make sure your lock is strong enough to do the job all day, or all night, until you return.

Where Have We Been ??

Yes, it has been so long since our last post that an univited guest moved in....

Lesson learned about talking to our Kryptonite lock can be hard work to come up with pearls of wisdom each day. Sorry if you've been disappointed when you haven't found anything new here, but thanks for being patient until we got back on track.

If you are like us, you are really happy that we've had so much wonderful rain this season, but enough is enough already. The weather has certainly put a damper on cycling activities in many parts of the country, but not so in New York. Eric, our National Sales Manager for bike spent a soggy weekend at the Bicycle Film Festival and was happy to chat with the stalwart souls who weren't going to be put off by a little water. Some of them brought out their most colorful rides to try to chase away the funk.