Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kudos for Today!

As I am looking through the news of the day two items came to my attention that I want to make sure you all see - they are both good things.

First off, for helping the environment...kudos to Thule. Bicycle Retailer is reporting today that Thule is going to power part of its headquarters with solar energy starting this summer! How cool is that? They are also encourging employees to ride bikes to work. After seeing Fritz's photo of gas prices in California, I wonder if New England isn't too far behind (Thule is in CT). Smart all the way around at Thule. Bravo!

My second kudos? To the Tour of Utah. Why? Because they've picked the teams to compete in August and guess who made the list? Yup, Rock Racing! Why? Well, because event director Terry McGinnis is a smart man. Check out his quote in The Salt Lake Tribune:

"They're a team that creates a lot of buzz wherever they go, and as a race director I think buzz is good," he said. "We definitely appreciate their media savvy and new image they have."

Terry, if we lived closer I'd go shake your hand. If not for this being the same weekend as the Falmouth Road Race, I'd come out to the race, too. But, I'll be there in spirit. BRAVO!

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