Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Yes, it's Opening Day at Fenway, but that's not the only big news in town today. Kryptonite has some pretty BIG...HUGE news of our own....we have a "new" general manager.

No, no, no...don't panic. SHE isn't so new at all....as a matter of fact, you all know HER....yes, there is a woman at the helm of Kryptonite now.....Ms. Karen Rizzo!

Karen welcomes Bryan and Scott to our booth at the Indy show

Karen's been with Kryptonite for 14 years and knows our business inside and out. She may be learning to sit in a new chair, but the industries we play in she knows very well.

We expect great things with Karen leading the charge. She's already made up her mind about a few things....but I'll let her say them in her own words....

“For the last 14 years, I’ve had the privilege to be a part of this dynamic brand. It is my intention to reclaim the spirit, the essence if you will, of the Kryptonite brand that everyone internally and externally loves so passionately. We will do that by hard work and reconnecting with our customers better than we have in a long while."

Perfectly said, don't cha think?

Congrats, Karen!

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