Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rock Stars in California

Tyler Hamilton and the other Rock Stars lead the peloton

Did y'all see the results for the 24th Annual Redlands Bicycle Classic? Just who was at the top of the heap when it was all finished? A Rock Star, Santiago Botero!

If you followed along with The Daily Peloton you saw that Rock Racing team members were refered to as "Rock Stars". Not sure if that was The Daily Peloton dubbing them that, or if that came from the PR folks at Rock Racing. Either way, it's brilliant marketing.

The Rock Stars proved they are serious and here to stay...are you paying attention Tour of Georgia?

Just one thing for Rock Racing, though...where's the gear? Your growing fan base wants to get all decked out! Someone told me April....it's April....I want to start sporting some green and black gear gang! Get it out there.

Bravo, Rock Stars, Bravo!


Anonymous said...

Jim Birrell and Medalist Sports have no intention of pulling their heads out of their A**, because results means nothing to them. They didn't like being "upstaged" as Birrell calls it at the TOC and this is payback. Rock Racing will continue to win and become increasingly hard to be ignored for Tour of Missouri and Tour of Colorado which Medalist Sports controls as well.

Donna T. said...

Anon - tell me how you really feel! HA. I think you are right, though. I'm SO bummed that the Rock Stars won't be at ToG. I would truly have tried to make that race, visit with some friends, chalk the roads and scream my fool head off. As it is, I've got my fingers crossed that the Stars will make their way somewhere near here (New England) this year so I can go support them. They...well...ROCK!