Thursday, May 01, 2008

Talked To Masiguy

All morning I've wanted to ring the hospital in San Diego to talk with Tim Jackson, but had to contain myself until it was a reasonable time out there (we're three hours ahead). You don't get much sleep in a hospital, but you are there to rest and recover, right?

I waited (impatiently) until 8:45a their time and was lucky enough to talk with Tim! I'm sure it had no affect on him or his pain level, but I feel better. That sounds strange, I know, but we're truly good friends and it's been hard not being able to be there to see him, you know?

Anyway, the good news is that he's as coherent as Tim usually is (ha!). And, that's with the morphine goin', too. So, I'd say he's doing pretty darn well. His spirits are up and he's got a wonderful "nurse" with him. He's doing ok, all things considered.

You've heard it all before through Blue Squirrel and KK's wonderful updates, but he did say that he cracked his skull and thank goodness for helmets. He mentioned being thankful that racing requires helmets - that he'd have worn one anyway, but he is thankful they are mandatory for everyone. Take his lesson to heart and do not ride without a helmet!!!

He'll talk with the doctor today about his fractured knee. He expects to be in the hospital for at least another day or two - they mentioned wanting him to be stable before sending him home. Umm...yea...that would be a good idea!

I did mention all the blog/podcast/Facebook love that has been flying about...he feels it and appreciates it more than you'll know. Ok, you'll know because as soon as he gets his wits about him, gets home and can get on a computer you know he's going to blog this...and blog it...and blog will be a long recovery for him and he'll need to keep busy. If I was a betting person, I'd say videos and podcasts, too. And won't that be wonderful?

Keep sending those good vibes. He can use them.

UPDATE: KK tells me, via Facebook, that Tim has learned his knee is fractured in 2 places and he'll need to stay off it for 12 weeks! Not sure how that works with the thumb....yikes!
His best friend has started both a fund for Tim via Paypal and a gift card campaign. We all love Masiguy...and right now he needs our help. If he's touched you through his blogging, arm flailing at a presentation (Interbike, at a shop), or at a race or event please donate. Every bit will help in his lengthy recovery. Gift cards to Trader Joe's, or pre-paid visas, or to the place that Tim loves (and is close to his house) Starbucks.
A special thanks to Tim's "marketing posse" of bloggers for jumping in with well wishes and getting the word out, too! Check a few of them out:
CK's Blog

Marketing Profs/Twitter
Drew McLellan

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Ann Handley said...

Thank you so much for letting me know! Tim -- thinking of you, friend. Love and hugs.