Monday, March 31, 2008

Craig's Bobber Project - Part 2

by Craig Glab, Central Regional Manager

I’ve been working on my house so much throughout the cold winter that I haven’t been working on the motorcycle as much as I’d like. I’ve been painting and carpeting the inside of my house this winter.

But here are some updated photos of the Bobber Project. As you can see, I switched the motor and transmission to all ready polished Altima 113” motor and polished 6-speed transmission instead of an 80 cu inch Satin Harley Davidson motor. So now I have more performance in that little bike. I’ll peel the tires off of it. I just sold the other motor.

I just put the rims and tires on this last week. They are from Roland Sands and Metzler white wall tires. I mounted them last Friday after work.

I’m switching out the gas tank because it looks too tiny on that bike. I’m going to get a Sportster tank when I get back from my next 2-week trip. Drill some holes, take it apart and send it off to be painted this time…really.

My goal is to have it done by May.