Thursday, July 19, 2007

Internal Team Kryptonite

It was pointed out to me recently that the folks posting here haven't been putting their job titles on their posts. You all know who Bob Roll is and Dave Perewitz but, it was pointed out to me that we said in the beginning that you'd get to know the internal team Kryptonite, too, through this blog. However, if readers don't know these people already they would not necessarily know who someone is or even if they worked for Kryptonite or were just a guest.

So...with that being said, we'll start adding people's job titles to the posts and, I'll reintroduce those that you've met already....

Dwight Gibson - he's our GM...expect to see lots of posts on our new Justice League locks in the coming weeks from Dwight.

Karen Rizzo - she's our director of marketing and a little shy, but don't worry, she'll get there.

Tim Clifford - he's our director of sales for action sports. He doesn't like fireworks in the middle of the night so much, if you remember....but he's a good writer. I want to see him here more often (hint, hint).

Roby Holland - our national sales manager for action sports. He started riding earlier this season and posting here, but we haven't heard from him in awhile. I know he's riding, though, since he's training for the Cycle for Life.

Dave Miller - he's our machinist and just loves the 4th of July! He's always in such a great mood that I call him "smiley".

Melissa McPherson - she's in customer service and lead the charge in protecting the turtle laying her eggs here earlier this spring.

Craig Glab - our newest poster here....Regional Manager, Midwest. You'll be hearing from Craig often as he's putting his bobber together.

And me...the chatty one...but you know me already.

I've got a few more people lined up for you to meet, too. We aren't a shy bunch, but sometimes new products, catalogs and trade shows get in the way doing some posts. But, you'll be meeting more of us soon....

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