Monday, July 23, 2007

Tour de France, Catalogs & Such

Oh my goodness, how about the Tour Day France this weekend? Tim Jackson/Masiguy has great recaps - better than I could do since he has raced and knows more about that aspect. I just watch for the pure enjoyment of watching these guys put it all out on the line athletically. That, and the antics from the sidelines.

Seriously, a guy in a full chicken costume running up the mountain next to Michael Rassmussen yesterday? Priceless.

But, the most enjoyment, for this fan, was watching Alexander Vinokourov just kick some serious butt on the time trial - in the wet! Wow. It was impressive.

Equally impressive was yesterday's win by youngster Alberto Contador. After riding for hours and hours and then needing to attack that last mountain? And, leave most of your competitors behind. Nicely, done. He really made it look effortless, which floors me.

I can't wait for tonight's coverage with Bob and Al (shhh...don't tell...I spend all day not looking to see who won the stages so I can be surprised at night). Besides, I just love the "Bob and Al Show". They are too funny.

Oh, stay tuned for another Bob post at the end of the week. He's going to check in from Paris on Friday night or Saturday to give us his thoughts as the Tour wraps up.

Now it's off to work on the bike security catalog. It's that time where we are getting ready for the big industry trade shows. Eurobike is at the end of August in Germany and then there is the Canadian show in mid-September and then Interbike in Vegas at the end of September. Kryptonite will be at all three. If you are a dealer attending one, or more, of those shows, stop by! Much more news about those shows as we get closer.

I wonder which Tour stars will be at year Jan Ullrich was there and you would have thought royalty was in the building or something. I don't know what to compare it to. It was a frenzied crowd. Somehow, I don't think he'll be there this year....but you never know who might show up. Someone from Astana? The Chicken himself?

There I go thinking "Tour" again. It's so hard not to in July! But...catalogs need to get done....

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