Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Craig's Bobber Project - part 1

by Craig Glab

The beginning of a new project....

We all start out with goals in our heads - then you must take them and transform them into reality. I started by opening the Drag Specialties catalog and made a list of the products and parts that I wanted to use. Next step - I called up some of my close friends in the industry and ordered what I needed for this project.

Chopper Guys built my frame the way I wanted it. Next I called Lima H.D. of Lima, Ohio, to purchase my power plant. I will use a 80 cubic inch motor and a 5 speed transmission. I will also use American Wire Wheels for my 16 inch spoked wheels that will get painted.

I have alot of black anodized and chrome on this bike. I purchased a lot of the black anodized parts from Pro-One through Drag Specialties. I will be using a BDL drive system. HHI makes a braking system which is really killer on the rear of the bike. It is a sprocket and a brake disc all in one. The front caliper is also HHI and they are both anodized black.

Now comes the fun stuff - drilling holes in the right place to hide wires, welding brackets in the right place to put turn signals and the licence plate frame and so on.

Then it must all come apart for the painter to do his job. The painter will be Dave Perewitz. The motor and trani will get show polished. I will send that to our friend Donnie Smith and his crew. They will dismantle and polish them and put it back together. There are plenty of polished parts that go to the chrome platers!

Then it just needs to get all put back together and go to Daytona for Biketoberfest!

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Neil McDaid said...


Dude that is one killer work bench you got going there!!!