Monday, July 16, 2007

Kristopher Holmes Memorial Ride

Last year many of us at Kryptonite had the pleasure of getting to know some members of the Holmes family at the Perewitz Bike Nights. The reason we got to meet Donna, Kim and the rest wasn't a happy one - their son and brother, Kristopher, had just been killed in a motorcycle accident. It was a difficult time for them, to say the very least, but they attended their first bike night with Kristopher's friends and riding buddies to find out what the culture was all about - why he loved riding so much.

Before you knew it, they were constant attendees of the bike nights. Being the generous folks that the Perewitz's are, they started a 50/50 raffle where the money raised would go to Kristopher's favorite charities, the Fisheries and Wildlife funds. They raised hundreds of dollars over the summer.

This year, the Holmes family decided to remember Kristopher by setting up a scholarship fund and held the 1st Annual Kristopher Holmes Memorial Bike Ride to support the fund. The ride took place this past Saturday, starting at Perewitz Cycle Fab. It was a beautiful day and my estimate would be that hundreds of motorcyclists took part. We were happy to help support the event and hope that a lot of money was raised for the fund.

Here are some pictures from the day....although I never met him, I think Kristopher would have been pleased at what his family accomplished. Hope to see you all at the 2nd annual ride next summer!

Jody Perewitz congratulates Kim (l) and Donna (r) on a fabulous turnout for the ride

Donna, Kim and the rest of the family signed up hundreds of riders

All kinds of motorcycles were in the ride

A couple of riding clubs were in attendance, too

The police escorts gave everyone a few instructions and safety tips

Kristofer's mom, Donna, gave the command to 'start the engines'

And they were off!

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