Friday, May 11, 2007

Thanks to a Certain Woman For Creating Hundreds of Unbreakable Bonds Between Kids and Their Bikes.

In an earlier blog post, Donna attempted to tease me into writing a few words, knowing that I have much to say, but usually keep it to myself. I'll use the upcoming Mother's Day holiday as a thematic reason to come out of my shell and recognize a certain woman's drive to create unbreakable bonds between kids and their bikes, and is making the world a better place for it. She may not be "MOM" to all these kids, but she is a hero to most, for sure. (I must admit she's my hero). Marilyn Price is someone the bicycling community knows well and claims as a friend. She has been instrumental in helping countless kids learn a lot about bicycling, adventure, social responsibility and themselves. For many of us, having adventures on our bikes was nothing unusual. For still too many kids today, having an adventure on a bike, would be nothing short of a miracle, if it weren't for the hard work of Marilyn and many other unnamed folks. If you don't know if her work yet, check out Trips for Kids today.


Jeff said...

Marilyn is one of my favorite people in the world, and Trips for Kids is a wonderful program that I love contributing to. There will once again be a Pittsburgh chapter soon, and I'm excited to volunteer in person again.

Jim said...

Adding my 2 cents worth, if YOU are interested in getting involved or setting up a local Trips for Kids, Marilyn will really help you get up and running. One great lady, one great project. Yea mon!

Dwight said...

Echo the postive comments on Marilyn and Trips for Kids. Karen strong entrance to the blogosphere. Do I detect a fellow West Indian on the blog - Jim?