Friday, July 06, 2007

The Spokesmen, Nicole Races & The Tour de France

Hey everyone - sorry for being out of touch for so many days. I'm on vacation, if you couldn't guess. Ok, I was in the office Tuesday, but you know how it goes - the day before a vacation is always the busiest trying to get everything done, right? Well, that's exactly what happened with me. That, and the podcast.

Towards the end of last year I was asked to become part of The Spokesmen podcast. I was completely flattered to be asked by the esteemed panel and said, 'yes' right away. I've missed more than I've participated in, I think, but my cohorts are very understanding. When I get the chance I am right there, though. Episode 20 is up and ready for your listening pleasure. We covered a lot of topics including the Tour de France starting in London, the UCI Rider Pledge, being bought, Big Wheeled Ballywho and a host of other things. Check it out.

I'm sitting on my porch right now with the dog. I'm having some Smartfood and reading a book (ok, I'll be reading again in a minute...). She's keeping an eye on the backyard. You know, just to make sure the squirrels and bunnies stay in check.

This is just a little breather in what promises to be a busy weekend for some of us. Nicole Hoffman and her team are competing in the Road America 500K this weekend in Wisconsin. Go Nicole! She'll also be participating in the Red Flag Fund Auction while she's in town. The Red Flag Fund is new to me, but it sounds like it is a great organization. They provide support to injured road racers. Nicole will be checking in sometime next week to let us know how it all went.

We all know where our friend Bob Roll is this weekend. London. At the Tour DAY France! I can't believe it all starts tomorrow! I know I said I wasn't thrilled about watching, but you know I'll be checking out a bunch of stages. So...who is my pick? I think I said already, but I pick Vinokourov. For the first time, Bob and I agree on my pick. That should be a good thing....

So, who is your pick for Le Tour's podium spots? C'mon, I know you've all got a favorite...

Happy Weekend everyone!

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