Friday, July 13, 2007

24 Hours of Booty is Around the Corner

Our parent company has quite a few people that are action sports enthusiasts. You've met some here and will meet more as time goes on. Today, one of the guys that keeps all our technology up and running shares his passion for an event he's participating in soon.

Here's some information on the 24 Hours of Booty by Stuart N.....

This July 27 and 28, over 15 individuals from Ingersoll Rand and Cool Breeze Cyclery will join together to participate in the 24 Hours of Booty.

The 24 Hours of Booty is a solo and relay cycling event around the scenic "Booty Loop" located in beautiful Myers Park in Charlotte , NC . The origin of the name is unclear, but for years the Booty Loop has been one of the most popular loops to Charlotte-area runners, walkers, and cyclists. These groups can be found exercising and training on the Booty Loop almost every day of the year. The 24 Hours of Booty is a fully supported event that provides a fun and relaxed setting for participants and supporters while challenging us to ride… and ride… and ride. A personal challenge that becomes even more meaningful when you consider why we are riding in the first place.

The 24 Hours of Booty is the one and only 24-hour road cycling charity event in the country. The goal of the 24 Hours of Booty is to provide an extraordinary event that is safe, fun, and open to all levels of cycling ability, while bringing cancer awareness to the community and raising funds for noteworthy cancer charities. The 24 Hours of Booty is a fundraiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the following local cancer iniatives: The Keep Pounding Fund and The Brain Tumor Fund for the Carolinas.

Ingersoll Rand has participated in the 24 Hours of Booty for the past two years and last year partenered with Cool Breeze Cyclery in Mooresville, NC to participate in this event. During this time, the team has raised over $22,000 in donations to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation and local cancer organizations.

If you would like to learn more about the 24 Hours of Booty, please visit the event site. If you would like to make a secure donation to the Ingersoll Rand/Cool Breeze Cyclery Team, please visit our team's event page.

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