Friday, July 20, 2007

Weekend Ride Through New England on a Kawasaki ZR7

by Eric Anastasia, Eastern Regional Sales Manager

I wanted to post this earlier this week, but just could find the time (you know how that goes).

This past weekend a friend and I took a great ride from Boston to Hartford. The way down was great, all back roads. We took Rt. 109 to Rt. 16 to Rt. 12.

From 12 we picked up Rt. 197 around the Woodstock, CT area. Here we got into the heart of the ride - the roads were twisty and tree lined with a peppering of wide open fields and farm houses overwhelmed with charm.

From there we picked up 190. Now, you could pick up 84 west off of 190 but we took 190 all the way through to Rt 5. There were two reasons we didn’t pick up 84. One was that 190 takes you down some more great roads through towns like Stafford Springs and Somers, CT.

But, the main reason was that 190 takes you through a town called Hazardville and being that close to a town call Hazardville we just couldn’t pass up not riding through just to see if we would go in and out alive. Well, uneventfully we made it out alive and continued 190 to Rt. 5 and following that to Rt. 140 then finally to Rt. 159, which dropped us off just a few miles north of Hartford, CT - the insurance capital of the world.

Now, to help qualify how great of ride this was if you where in New England this past Sunday you would know that the weather was not good. Rain was in the forecast but the skies appeared to start to clear in the North East so we geared up to get on the road. As soon as we got about five miles into the ride the rain came and it came to stay. The entire two and half hour ride it rained, and rained good. Despite all the rain, and getting drenched, the ride back was just as great as the ride there.

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