Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bob Roll & Facebook

Bob checked in last night from France - he said on the Mediterranean and I think he said Marseille, which is where the stage ends today. He was going to have a blog post for us, but the drive from the end of yesterday's stage to where he is now was gruelling, I guess. Long and much concentration needed. But, he checked in to tell me that he's having a great time and hopes everyone is enjoying the coverage. He'll check in again tonight or tomorrow with a post so stay tuned!

So...while we were chatting, I told him that I'd just joined Facebook and, while trying to get the hang of it, I found a group called "Bob Roll is the Greatest Sports Announcer Ever." Fun! So, I joined, of course. And if you are part of Facebook, go join today! Bob thinks it's great. One of the topics there is, "What is your favorite Rollism." There aren't many answers there, yet, but I told him I'd keep him posted because he wants to know. So, I'll ask you guys and gals - what's your favorite Rollism? C'mon, there are so many to choose from!

And, while I'm asking...what do you all think of Facebook? It seems like very college student on the planet is part of it, not to mention some of the folks that read this blog. What is it about Facebook? I'm still new so I want to hear from all of you. Personally, I think it is another great way to keep in touch with friends - I've got a friend traveling in Russia right now and can keep up with the progress there a little, a family member is in Costa Rica and signs on sporatically, another friend in the military who travels frequently - all of these folks I can keep up with easily. Then there are the friends that you don't talk to as often as you'd like (go Vols!), but can keep up with on the fly there - faster than email.

So....two questions for you on this dreary New England morning. What do you think about Facebook - love it or not? And...what's your favorite Rollism?


Marilla said...

My favorite Rollism is from last year on a mountain stage. He and Trautwig were discussing the differnt bicycles being ridden and their various metits. Trautwig asked Bob, So if you were riding today, what would you be riding." Bob's answer, "Something with a V-8 engine."

Donna T. said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I remember that now that you say it, Marilla. I cracked up when he said it.

I think I'm partial to "Tour DAY France"...I giggle every time he says it.

Then, of course, there is the "Americorns" comment.