Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tony Hawk Bike Line Announced

Woa...skateboarding legend/guru/god, Tony Hawk is going to have his own line of bicycles in stores next spring. That's huge! Young kids love Tony Hawk, idolize him even. I know a few kids between the ages of 8 and 13 who are Hawk fanatics. They have to have anything Hawk - skateboards, games, clothes. Hopefully, this will be a great way to get these kids on a bike, too. They all have his video games, why not his bike, too? And, what a great balance - I'm someone who thinks that kids inside playing video games all the time is a bad thing. They should be outside, having adventures with their friends, getting exercise and fresh air (when did I start sounding like my parents?!?). But, it's games are ok in moderation, but maybe these bikes will get the kids interested in cycling because of Tony, too. They'll start skateboarding and biking.

Ok, maybe that is a fantasy, but I'd like to think so. More kids on bikes is better for their health and for the environment, especially if they get hooked and continue to keep riding their bikes throughout their life.

Apparently, there will be two lines of bikes - the Tony Hawk Huckjam bikes will be in mass market stores and the Tony Hawk Signature Series will be in independent bike shops. Those of us in the bike industry will get to see all the bikes at the Interbike trade show in September. Photos will abound, I'm sure.

Congrats, Tony Hawk! I wish you great success with this new venture!

Thanks to both BikeBiz and Bicycle Retailer for pointing me to this news.


Fritz said...

Uh, wow. I wonder if this has anything to do with the UCI offering to sponsor skateboarding as an Olympic sport.

But it's Dynacraft, so it's nothing you could ride at the skatepark. - looks like it will just be a badge deal -- like Spiderman bikes or Barbie bikes and so forth.

Fritz said...

Ooh, I just read the full press release. A new "SPecialty Retail Group" at Dynacraft building Carbon bikes???? And they've even joined the Bikes Belong coalition. Dynacraft is currnetly the junkiest of the mass retail junk in the U.S., so that is interesting news.

Rob said...

Jeez Tony can't seem to help but cash in these days. Whats crazy is he was my hero back in my skateboarding days 20+ years ago. Hahah I still have a signed Powell and Parelta(Sp) board of his.

Along with a Santa Cruz board or two.

Cheers on the bike lock up tips too. Damn I had way too many bikes stolen as a kid.

Any thoughts there about doing your own bike carriers??

Donna T. said...

Fritz - yes, I'm interested to see what we see at Interbike this year for the specialty bikes. Maybe we'll get to see Tony, too. Something else to remember...something for him to sign for my nephew...I'll add it to the loooong Interbike list...

Rob - yes, doesn't 20 years go faster than you'd think??? I can't believe that I can say..."20 years ago I was doing x" and remember x like it was yesterday.
Anyway, to answer your question, I don't see any bike carriers on the project list...sorry.