Monday, June 04, 2007 and Riding?

We've added a new link in the 'Fun Things' section. It goes to the brand new Dunkin Donuts interactive site that just launched this morning. What does that have to do with anything related to Action Sports? Maybe nothing....except Dunkin Donuts is a staple here at Kryptonite. I'm thinking some people here may consider their coffee/iced coffee a food group. I'm not kidding. We also know that a lot of other action sports enthusiasts love their coffee, too.

The new site has sweepstakes, prizes and such, but the thing that caught our eye is the "Get More Out of Your Summer" piece. What is it? A trip planner with Dunkin' locations along the route. I think a few people here may frequent this site more than any other on the web now....again, I'm not kidding....this is a great tool! Ok, it has a few kinks that they need to work out, but check it out. It's kind of fun.

They also will tell you, by state, some 'Suggested Summer Outings" and give viewers the ability to add their own recommended place for all to see in the "Hit the Road Your Way" feature. They really want it to be an interactive site. Good for them. And good for all of us that are regulars.


Nadine Fallon said...

I emailed my dad the link the other day before the site was live. We all know that Dunkin Donuts strategically places their stores one small coffee away from each other. Also to note, DD HQ is about three miles from Kryptonite HQ in Canton, MA.

whatsnext said...

They have more than a few kinks to work out! the site is totally clunky.

Donna T. said...

Nadine - I think DD made this site specifically for your dad. :)