Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Giant Chairman Cycles Taiwan for "Adventure"

I read a piece on the Bicycle Retailer website this morning about the founder of Giant Bicycle company touring Taiwan on a bicycle. This might not be so fascinating to you as you'd be thinking, "well he is in the bike industry so he's probably a cyclist". Sure, but he's 73 years old!

King Liu, chairman of Giant Bicycle, took just 15 days to cycle 576 miles in Taiwan. 15 days? That would take me 15 months and, although I'm not a spring chicken, I'm not nearly in my 70s, thank you very much. What a great accomplishment, but he didn't do it for the 'accomplishment', he did it for the thrill of the journey.

“Driving is too careless, walking is too slow, and only through cycling can you truly experience the beauty of this island and have this once-in-a-lifetime adventure,” said Liu on Bicycle Retailer.

This is just a great story to me. Not only because of Mr. Liu's age, but because he is truly evangelizing his brand by living the lifestyle - not because he has to, but because he believes in it. I cruised over to the Giant site today to see if I could read more about Mr. Liu's trip. I didn't find anything, but what I did find was their current campaign slogan, "Ride Life. Ride Giant". I'd say Mr. Liu "ride's life" to the fullest.

Good for you, Mr. Liu! You are an inspiration.

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Fritz said...

Go go King Liu! (I wanted to write "King Louie" :-) ) That is indeed an accomplishment for that old-timer.