Friday, June 15, 2007

New Products Debut on Kryptonite Website

It's been a process, but the new products are finally up on the new website for everyone to view. All the U-locks, cable locks, chains and even the disc locks. All there for you to see and read about.

Now you know why I didn't post earlier....I was a little busy proof reading. And, I know I missed something...always do. But, it's Friday, and it's after 5pm so it's time to stop worrying about it, right?

Psssttt...if you see any spelling mistakes, let me know. Thanks! :)

Happy Weekend, all!


Fritz said...

"FORGET ABOUT IT" seems misspelled

(yeah, lame, I know I know...)

Donna T. said...

HA! You are too funny, Fritz.
Happy Weekend!