Thursday, June 21, 2007

Perewitz Bike Night - A Pictorial

Tim and I had a great time at the Perewitz Bike Night last night. We'd estimate that over 500 motorcycle enthusiasts joined in the fun on a beautiful, summer evening.

I walked around with my camera for a bit to give you a feel for the evening. Enjoy!

Dave just finished Brian G's new motorcycle with the Hamster logo on the tank and all. Brian was voted into the elite motorcycle club last summer at Sturgis and is very proud of this honor.

There was a great antique bike area, too. Check out some of

these great machines. Oil drips and all.

There were all types of rides - big and small.

As the night progressed, the attention turned to the Burnout Pad. Two of Dave's new friends put on quite a show.

The guys gave the crowd what they wanted and one of the rear tires showed the result of the effort when it was all said and done.

All in all, it was a fun night with tons of bikes, the next generation of riders wandering around and even dogs that got into the spirit of things.

But in the end....everyone had to get on the road to go home...even Ms. Harley.

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