Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bonding with Kevin Dillard

Kevin Dillard and Kryptonite have a bond all our own. Kevin has kindly provided some of his photography for our brand website and even this blog (see photo to the's a Dillard original). We thought he'd be a perfect person to ask about his bond with cycling.

He didn't send us a picture of himself - like every good photographer, we think he likes to stay behind the lens, but you can see his work on our site or on his. (Update: our apologies to Kevin...he has another photo site, too - check it out here. The photos are very cool.)

Here's Kevin...telling us about his bond to cycling.....

I'm a former messenger. 2 years ago I started as an agent that processes documents for companies that want to do business overseas.

My First bike; I can't really remember my first bike, but the really good one that I saved up for was a 10-speed Atala. It was red and white and beautiful. It cost $500 and worth every penny. I felt like a real racer on that bike and it started me on my love of cycling.

My bond with cycling is that it has made me a better person, I feel free when I'm riding. I feel free to talk to people I might not have. Cycling is the only reason I started photographing. I would do an alleycat, and saw this amazing group of people, of every race and gender just hanging out.

And couriers dress like no one else; they have their own style. It had to be photographed. Couriers are the only group of people that looks good getting ready for a race.

So, my bond with cycling has led me to a new career path, photography.I'm bonded forever to anyone that loves to be on 2 wheels.

Photo by Kevin Dillard for Kryptonite

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