Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kryptonite Bike Valet Programs

Kryptonite's participated in many bike valet programs over the years - some we have run ourselves and some we sponsor. I remember sitting out in the snow and ice at Cyclocross Nationals a couple of years ago, freezing while watching people's bikes. There was a lot of jumping up and down - not at the racing action, just to keep warm. Brrrrr....

But I's summer now and we have some great things going on including sponsoring two prominent bike valet programs.

The first is in Portland, Oregon. We are sponsoring the bike valet area at the open meetings for the Platinum Bicycle Master Plan. They had their first meeting this week and BikePortland has a great recap. Check it out. There are two more meetings (June 12 and June 14) in different sections of the city. If you live in Portland, participate. This is a great way to become involved in the city's cycling discussions.

The second is a much larger program. We are happy to announce our partnership with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition as we sponsor their bike valet programs this summer. They support something like 50 events with a bike valet area. Kryptonite will be all over it! If you are at a large event in San Fran this summer, look for the Feel Free to Stop banners - that's where you can leave your bike safely. Goin' to the Movie in the Park series? Bring your bike! Participating in the Tour de Fat? Ride on over! Folsem Street Fair? We've got you covered.

Pretty cool, eh? Oh, best of all - it's Free! Wooo-hooo!

Look for more Kryptonite sponsored bike valet programs soon....we're working on it!

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