Friday, June 22, 2007

Congratulations, Nicole!

It must be wedding 'season' or something. Our very own Team Kryptonite member, Nicole Hoffman, has found a guy that can keep up with her speedy life. She's just announced her engagement to her beau, Gregg.

This also means that her pooch, Sproket, gets 2 instant playmates in Gregg's two Boxers. It's all good! (FYI - I'm sure all you readers will be meeting Sproket in the not-too-distant-future).

Congratulations Nicole and Gregg! We are all very happy for you.

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Fritz said...

I started typing "Unbreakable BLONDS" to visit here. I caught the mistake and got here to see some news about the BLOND BIKER.

Congrats to Nicole and Gregg. And to Perewitz also. It's that time of year for weddings!