Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bonded Together

by Jody Perewitz

I have been around the motorcycle industry my whole 24 years of life. Just because you are born into something doesn’t mean that you are going to like it, but in my case, I love it!

At an age as young as 5, I was riding four wheelers and dirt bikes. I was defiantly a tomboy. I played with my older brother Jesse and his friends more than my own. As I got older I guess I grew out of the tomboy stage but I never lost my interest in riding.

Honestly I had never ridden a motorcycle until I was about 17. I had always ridden dirt bikes so I had no doubt I could do it I just never tried. The whole Perewitz family was in Daytona one year and my brother just randomly said, “Hey you want to ride my bike?” Ya sure I’ll give it a try. I rode it a couple of miles and came back with bugs in my teeth because you couldn’t get the smile off my face! From that point on my bond with motorcycle has only grown to be as strong as a “New York Fahgetaboutit”.

Tossing Goodies to the Crowd at a Perewitz Bike Night - Summer, 2006

I work now full time for the family business. I have a Bachelor Degree in Political Science that will, hopefully, be useful someday. But for now the best education I can get is with motorcycles. The whole motorcycle world has become like an extended family. We go to shows all around the country and I look forward to the different people at each place.

I have a few different bikes now of my own and also have gotten involved in building a few around the shop trying to learn as much as I can. I have a different variety of motorcycles myself. I have to say my two favorites are my 1963 Panhead and my Buell Firebolt. The Panhead is a classic that gets all the older generation looking at it because they can appreciate what it is and my Firebolt gets younger generations.

As you can see my passion is with motorcycles; this is where Kryptonite comes in. They have been endorsing my father for about 2 years now and I have defiantly formed a bond with their products and, most of all, their employees. When I go somewhere with my bikes I know that they are safe because Kryptonite is protecting them.

While I am writing this I am realizing that motorcycles are what many of my bonds with things started from. I have a bond with my brother for letting me ride his bike, with motorcycles, my job, my father, the motorcycle industry, and those great companies like Kryptonite that provide an excellent product. I defiantly have some unbreakable bonds that only get stronger!

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