Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Craig's Theories 101

by Craig Glab, Central Regional Manager

Donna seems to have posted a lot about the NASCAR race, but not the shenanigans that went on behind the scenes.

After leaving the track on Friday, and visiting the Bass Pro Shop in Concord, we picked up Nicole and headed out to Dick’s to get a cooler for the next day and apparently, Donna wanted some candy and ended up with Hot Balls.

Then we went to dinner where I had to explain my broccoli theory to Roby, Nicole and Donna. My theory is that every restaurant uses broccoli as the filler vegetable. It’s the cheapest vegetable to buy so they offer it with everything. Have you noticed that restaurants offer it with steak, fish, chicken…whatever. They will throw it on every plate, unless you ask for something different. Why is that? Because the restaurant makes the most money from broccoli. I love broccoli, but I refuse to get it at a restaurant. I always ask for a different vegetable or side.

We even explained this to our waiter who then arrived at the table with a birthday treat for Roby because I told them it was his birthday at the beginning of the evening. The treat? It was a little dessert dish with a candle in a middle of 2 pieces of broccoli. Roby didn’t know exactly what to make if it all since it really wasn’t his birthday, it was a prank.

Roby, Nicole and me at the tent

The next day at the races, I decided to mix the Hot Balls with my beer. Why? Because the Hot Balls are hot and the beer was nice and cold. Donna didn’t seem to get that logic.

Got my first piece of NASCAR apparel, which was a Dale Jr. hat. Makes me enjoy my Mountain Dew that I drink every day! It made me part of Dale Junior’s crew/posse/fan base. Since I’ve spent so much money on Mountain Dew over the years I must have one little, tiny piece of the quarter panel of his car. Do you know that in convenience stores, Mountain Dew is the number 1 pop seller? At least it is at the corner store near my house.

And there you have it. We all had a great time.


Nicole Roesch said...

Craig, you left out the fact that Roby ate and enjoyed his birthday broccoli. There are some who don't have a problem getting broccoli for dinner!

Donna T. said...

LOL - that's right, he did eat all of the broccoli and was proud doing it.

Craig, I still don't get the Hot Balls and beer...must be an Ohio thing!

Anonymous said...

Brought to you by " IN THE EYES OF CRAIG "

Knight said...

at BONDA Restaurant, we do not serve broccoli. In the fall, we serve broccoli de rabe. Zucchini is also a filler vegetable that is cheap and can take on a lot of flavors!

J. Perewitz said...

I love the birthday prank!! I did that to Kory once. He didn't find it as humoris as I did!!