Thursday, May 22, 2008

Masiguy update

Got a call from Tim "Masiguy" Jackson last night. He's landed back in the hospital after a routine doctor's visit. It seems like he's developed multiple blood clots in his right leg. They've started him on meds and admitted him to keep an eye on the clots.

Blue Squirrel will have updates as will I, as we know more.

Keep Tim in your thoughts and prayers, please.

Update (11:30a)
Just talked with Tim. He's twiddling his thumbs in the hospital waiting to see if the blood thinners are going to do their job. But, as he says, he's able to "twiddle his thumbs", if he wants because the cast came off the thumb yesterday. The doc is very happy with the progress on it! That's great news. The doc also told him that the knee seems to be looking good, too. All good news, except the multiple blood clots. Right now they are trying to treat them with medicine and hope that works. If not, there may be a surgery involved. Let's all pray that the meds work.

1 comment:

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Limping along with the hospital wifi, in between naps.

Hoping to be out by Sunday... hoping.

Just lying here in bed obeying the doctor's orders. Hopefully that means the clots go away and I will get to go home.

Thanks for all the support.