Monday, May 12, 2008

Landry's Hosts Bob Roll

Friday night we were at Landry's Boston store for "An Evening with Bob Roll." Rob, Roby, Eric and I had a blast at the shop - everyone was so nice and they had everything planned perfectly. I think Bob's going to blog about it, but I thought I'd post some photos before then.

I just loved this display of the jersey and the old fashioned sign.

I might like this display just a teeny bit more, though. How could I not? It's what you see as you walk through the front door! I'm not kidding - it's right there. Have I mentioned that we love the guys and gals at Landry's?

Rob, Eric, Bob and Roby hanging out before the event

Packed house! I think there were a couple of hundred people there. Everyone had a great time.

Bob joins manager Mark Vautour and the rest of the Landry's Crew. I dig their shirts, don't you?!

After the event, Mark brought us to the Washington Square Tavern, which isn't too far from the shop. Gerry's the owner and made us feel extremely welcome all evening. He's a cyclist (if you can't tell by his shirt!)and hosts evening rides with the Landry's crew on Tuesday nights. But, better than that...yes, there is a "better than that"...the food is amazing! I've been raving about it all weekend to everyone I know in the area; both Roby and I have been telling everyone in the office today, too. It was the perfect end to a great event.

Thank you to Mark and everyone at Landry's for making us feel so welcome - and, of course, for being such a great Kryptonite partner!


Kk said...

Where's YOUR smiling face in those pics, Donna? Humble as ever.

Donna T. said...

Someone had to take the pictures.... :)