Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Biking in Boston...and Austin

Got a couple of quick tidbits for you as we get into the middle of Bike to Work week:

This weekend the Boston Globe had a great piece about Specialized creating versions of their new bikes to specifically fit different cities around the world. They've got one for New York, London, Seattle, Chicago and, yes, our little Boston!

It's a purple bike and seems fairly cool:
"There are big nods to messenger culture, including drop handlebars in bare chrome, a white chain (yes, it's really white), and white-painted rims and hubs. Flip the rear wheel around, and you can ride the bike as a fixed-gear, meaning you're always pedaling, whether you're accelerating or slowing."

Cooler still....our friend Chris is quoted as the counter to the 'fab' review...he's a Stah (as we say in Boston)....
Chris Rowe, a messenger who used to paint frames at Independent Fabrication, the high-end bike maker in Somerville, sums up a few common complaints. "The tribal graphics are kind of weird," he says of the paint job. "The track handlebars are wrong - for messengers, three-speed or downhill-type bars have been a Boston tradition since at least the early 1990s. And most of us ride steel frames - they break less than aluminum, and they're comfier on Boston streets."

Today, the Boston Globe has a piece about Mayor Menino taking a 'ceremonial ride' to kick off Bike Week in the city that has vowed to become bike friendly. It's kind of funny that the Mayor only rode a half mile yesterday since he truly is someone who rides his bike for exercise throughout the summer. Allez, Mr. Mayor!

Oh, and the Masiguy, Tim Jackson, has been crowing about Mellow Johnny's carrying Masi bikes (and that is completely fantastic!), but we've got some crowing to do of our own....turns out Mr. Armstrong's new shop not only carries Masi, but they also are an exclusive Kryptonite dealer. Yea...we're into world domination, too, Jackson!!

Ride safe, y'all!


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Kryptonite keeping Masi company at MJ's? Good enough for me!

I don't have a patent on Global Domination, so you're safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys there's plenty of room in the world and MJ's for great brands. Look for the staff at Austin's newest bike shop to be sporting their custom embroidered "Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop" Merino wool jerseys from Earth, Wind and Rider, while they are rockin' their Masi's and lockin' with Kryptonite.

BTW Tim . . . great to have you back and mending so well!!!!

Donna T. said...

Chris - that is so cool! Congrats!!! Looks like this is one hip shop - can't wait to see it some day soon.

I second the sentiments about Tim, too. :)

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Chris- SWEET! I love the Masi jerseys you guys made for us. I can imagine the MJ's will be cool too.

DMT- Yep... hip shop.

Both- thanks. Better each day... even if painfully.