Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Mellow Johnny's

Once you are a part of the Kryptonite family, you are always part of the Kryptonite family. I know a lot of companies say that, but we truly mean it. People who have worked here find it hard to pass a bike or motorcycle and not sneak a peek to see what lock is protecting it. I'd dare them to try, actually. It's just part of who we all are now.

One person, more than most, still has the Kryptonite blood running through his veins - Mr. Chris Fallon. He's still in the bike industry - he and his partner, Bill, make some incredible jerseys as Earth, Wind and Rider. He is also a daily reader here on our little slice of the blogosphere. He'd be the world's best blogger, too, if he ever decided to do that....but, I digress.

Got a cool email from Chris yesterday (about the whole Mellow Johnny's posts) and wanted to share it will you all.

I followed Tim's link to Bike Radar that had some nice pix of the opening.

One shot in particular (from an artistic and ironic viewpoint) caught my
eye. #20 of 21 titled "closing time at Mellow Johnny's". I liked it
because it showed a cyclist peering through the closed doors with a 40+
year old beat up Raleigh 3-speed (one that is certainly loved and cared for
by a real cyclist if viewed with a keen eye). The irony is that all the
previous shots showed the real high end multi$$$$$$ machines on sale at the
shop but the guy outside looking in, while a true cyclist, is on what most
people would consider an old wreck. But, the bike has great value to him as
is evidenced by the fact he has a $120 saddle on it, and a $60 lock on the
seat post.

Spying and identifying the Mini would have been a real problem in the old
days (due to the angle of the photo) but some very smart people at
Kryptonite decided to put an orange tip on it so . . . there it is, and
here it is
. . .

Chris, I love the way you tell a story...and I love that you saw the Mini...I'd even missed it when I first saw the photo. I know, I's in your blood.

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I loved that Raleigh photo too! That is a beautiful old 3spd. Truly an elegant piece of bike history.

Yeah, Chris, when will we see an EW&R blog? It's overdue... ;-)