Monday, May 05, 2008

Bob Roll Event in Boston - Friday!

So, it's May...and the weather is starting to get better here in New England. Driving to work this morning I even got a whiff of fresh cut grass for the first time this year. That is when I know Spring really has arrived!

Another way to tell it's spring? More cyclists out and about. More people commuting, more people riding for enjoyment. It's great to see.

We are all about getting Spring going here at Kryptonite! And, we're helping one of our great dealers, Landry's, kick off the spring cycling season by stopping by with Bob Roll on Friday night! That's right, Bobke is going to be at Landry's Boston store this Friday night for "An Evening with Bob Roll." How cool is that?

The event kicks off at 7pm and all the details can be found on Landry's event page.

Here's the address:
Landry's Bicycles
890 Commonwealth Avenue
BOSTON, Massachusetts 02215
RSVP to: boston(at)landrys(dot)com

I'll be there....Eric will be there....Roby will be there....and probably a few other Kryptonite folks. C'mon out and join us - it will be lots of fun hanging with Bob!

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