Thursday, March 27, 2008

Women - The Untapped Market

by Roby Holland, National Sales Manager

Over the last several months I’ve become aware that more and more manufacturers are focusing their attention on women as an untapped market. Dealers – this is a focus by suppliers to generate incremental revenue for you (and them). In the current economy we need to be looking for opportunities to drive business and this segment is one that dealerships can work with their suppliers in targeting.

Some of the articles that I’ve read lately have talked about doing women specific sales, women specific bike nights or educating women on riding. If sales in your stores are slow, my suggestion would be to pick up the phone, call your reps and suppliers and see what type of programs or promotions they have for women that you can tap into. This is a great way for you to capitalize on an emerging segment of your business while limiting your expenses.

Good luck!


Kk said...

Thank you for posting this. It's the word on the street. I've been hearing about the rise of women in cycling in all aspects of the sport. This is our year. Catch the wave!

Title NIN said...

When I look to the market and see who is really putting women on the map, I see Vanderkitten and a few others. It seems like a really small company but they have some fantastic designs and claim to give 20% of their profit to women's cycling... but based on what I can see with their self-sponsored bike team, it's probably more like 120%.

This is a great posting and I look to the day when women can find positive role models in cycling. It's numbers suggest it's a mass-market sport, but it's marketing suggests otherwise.

It's going to take more than pink locks and headsets, but I'll take those while the hard work is being done!! (HINT HINT)