Sunday, March 02, 2008

Zurich Airport

Don and I made it home Friday night after a full day of travel (20 hours). I'll write more about iceBike next week (and I have more photos) but right now the airport in Zurich is still on my brain. We spent 5 hours there on Friday afternoon so we pretty much know the terminals we were roaming inside and out.

We shopped a little bit (can you say "Swiss Chocolate?), ate a little bit and people watched. Oh, and admired cars. Yes, in the airport.

My observations? Everything at the airport is in English. All the advertising and directional signs are in English. Interesting.

There aren't many places to eat. That's a major international airport. I would have expected there to be more. Maybe 5 places total and only one may have been a sit down kind of place. The rest were typical airport places - where you walk up to the counter, order and find your own table. Yes, there was a Burger King and no, that's not where we ate. With all the time on our hands we wanted a good sit down place, but in the end found a few places close to each other where we picked up our own food and got a table.

Security is very smart. Know how you have to put liquids into a zipped, clear bag to go through the security check point? They give those bags to you, in case you forgot. How nice is that? Most places will just make you toss your liquid (cream, lotion etc) if it isn't in a baggie. These folks give you the bag so you don't have to toss it. Nice!

And then there were the Formula 1 cars. I'm not kidding. There is an auction going on from February 19 to March 25 of 11 Formula 1 cars and 4 are at the Zurich airport on display. Opening bid? Two hundred thousand Euros - and it doesn't come with an engine. You can follow along with the bidding here. You can see some of the cars below - enjoy.

1998 - Jean Alesi

1993 - JJ Lehto

2001 - Kimi Raikkonen

Back of Kimi's car

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J. Perewitz said...

That is very interesting that security was NICE! ALso the food thing. It is probably that American's are so overweight and fast on junk food because we always have it in front of us, we think it is odd to only have a couple food places. They probably don't have obesity in Zurich!