Tuesday, March 25, 2008


by Roby Holland, National Sales Manager

Went for a ride Easter Sunday, temp was 45 degrees with the sun shining. Was out for a short ride, roughly 15 miles to get the body ready for Easter Dinner! That's right Easter dinner. It is a big deal at my family's house - ham (the other white meat), sweet potatoes, home made Piccalilli and my wife's honey rolls.

With the feast in mind I set out on my ride down to the beach and back. It wasn't my first ride of the year but it sure felt like it. Every move I made the bike twitched, swayed and swaggered. At one point I even tried to go no-handed and almost crashed. I was rusty - the bike and I were not one, so to speak.

Anyhow I pressed on and enjoyed watching kids look for Easter eggs and people shuffling in to houses for the afternoon celebration, and even saw two crazy people go kayaking in sit on-top kayaks. Never did see those people on my return trip, wonder how it worked for them?

On this ride I decided to go the opposite way around Powder Point then my normal route, which was a north to south loop. At the bend to the north side of the loop I was almost creamed by a Crown Vic, and creamed is putting it nicely. This is a really weird intersection to the Powder Point bridge, where there is no stop sign on either side of the intersection. Thank God the driver was on the ball and saw me coming around the loop and was traveling at a speed where he could stop in time. I waved at him to thank him for the heads up play as I began to hyper-ventilate.

I thought about what had happened and what could have happened. As I said I was rusty! I was not thinking about riding I was thinking about dinner, what a nice day it is and how I'll be spending it with my family, and not being aware of my surroundings, like the drive was.

In short, as you get back out on your bikes, remember we are rusty, so are the drivers out there - be aware, pay attention and ride safe! I feel like a Smokey the Bear commercial, but seriously, be safe.

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