Monday, March 17, 2008

Daytona Bike Week

by Craig Glab, Central Regional Manager

I worked out at the Daytona Speedway at the Broward Motorsports' tent. Eric worked at Daytona Fun Machines and then we’d switch every other day so we each worked both places. I saw less attendees than ever before – maybe even by thousands. It wasn’t like it has been in years past.

The weather was great – it rained only twice – Tuesday it was yucky and Friday it was really terrible. It poured so much water was running through the tent. It was a monsoon all day – it was unreal.

The people that did attend Bike Week looked at product, but there weren’t a lot of spenders. Jennifer from Broward Motorsports mentioned that they weren’t selling anywhere near what they’d done in the past across lines, including helmets. Overall, attendance was really down.

Destination Daytona had a lot of vendors and looked like the place to be all week.

One night I took Eric to three casual spots that more of the locals frequent. I’ve been going to Bike Week since 1986 and have found these places throughout the years. We went to the Lighthouse, a place I call Sharky’s (I don’t really know it’s name, but there is a big shark out front) and the Ocean Deck. The Ocean Deck is a great place for live entertainment – I’m talking about bands now. We listened to bands all one night; that was fun.

We went to Main Street and walked around one night down there, too. The best thing I saw on Main Street, though, was the women serving the beer.

There you have it. That was our trip to Daytona.


Anonymous said...

Hey Craig!
The Ocean Deck is a great place! Was the reggae band playing? Next year, you guys should cruise down to Ponce Inlet and go to Down the Hatch.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Eric . . . I know the Shark Lounge on Speedway from my many years visiting Daytona. I agree with Nadine The Ocean Deck is a great place and so is Down the Hatch. I doubt Nadine was ever in the Shark though. At least I hope not.

Chris (Nadines Dad)