Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Spokesmen Podcast #27

Yesterday morning I was able to join The Spokesmen podcast again! Woo-hoo! It's been awhile because of my schedule and the schedules of the folks on the podcast (life happens, right?!).

Because life happens, there were only three of us, but it wasn't for lack of trying - Tim Grahl had some wacky computer problems, Tim Jackson was on a plane with his knees up near his chest and Carlton had a technology meltdown (not his, but his provider). But, David, Richard and I got up early (ok, not so early for me, but wicked early for Richard on the West Coast) and had some fun together. I always think I sound like a dork, but David and Richard sound fabulous, as always.

Some of the topics on Episode #27:
- Tragic accident this weekend in northern California
- Accident in Tucson with deputy hitting group ride
- Utah cyclists press charges under 3-foot rule
- Dave Zabriskie's Yield to Life
- Alleycat races
- Paris-Nice/ASO/UCI/Astana
- Rock Racing (still looking for gear to go on sale!)
- Donna's little opinion about Tour of Cali
- Our bike/riding tips

We dedicated this show to the late, great Sheldon Brown.

I'm listening to the show right now, but it's not over yet. David says that he added some bloopers to the end...I can only imagine...yikes! I'm sure they are fun (right, David?). Regardless, it was a good show - go on over and listen! Make sure to let us know what you think - either here or over on The Spokesmen site.

Update: Hey, Masiguy...you have to listen to the end...to the bloopers...past the static and giggles...


Fritz said...

You sound great, Donna!

And yeah, I love those bloopers in the end.

Kk said...

Donna I must thank you for affording me a quintessential moment.

I had just come back from a great ride on a beautiful day. I checked your blog and tuned into the podcast to listen while I went back to work on a painting about cycling!

Although, yes, there was a lot of bad news, I am heartened by the fact that these issues are being discussed passionately all over the country. I think a cyclist's union is a fantastic and logical step toward getting cycling back to the glorious and respectable status it deserves in sport.

Thank you Spokesmen!

Donna T. said...

Thanks, Fritz. Can't wait for the next one with you guys!

KK - thanks for the great comments. I'm so glad we could provide some listening fun for you!