Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter/Happy Family Day

Whether you are religious or not, or believe this to be a holiday or not, I hope that you see it as a day to spend time with your family and close friends. I'm not overly religious so to me, Easter is about slowing down and taking time to be with family and close friends.

So, what did I do today? Started my day on the treadmill talking with my cousin. I mentioned him last week when I was talking about MS Awareness Week. He's lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 30 years now. It's a terrible disease and he's my inspiration each and every day. We were chatting about what we were doing today - each going to different family members houses for dinner, so we won't see each other. And, we were talking about our latest family venture...hence the treadmill.

After last week's post my cousin and I decided that we would sign up for the MS Walk in our area to be held on April 12. Because of a few nasty things going on with his MS right now, he isn't able to walk the 5 miles so he signed up as a volunteer and fundraiser. He'll drive the pick up car for any participant who can't make the 5 miles (hopefully it won't be me!). I'll be walking, but haven't walked too far this winter - I've done a good job at hibernating and storing food like a bear. So, on the treadmill today and starting a diet tomorrow (bluck). I intend to lose weight this spring while getting in shape to walk the walk (and by the numbers on the scale the diet and exercise will need to go on long after the walk...oy!)

We've recruited others, too. My cousin's two brothers and his sister are going to join us. His sister's fiance. His wife and daughter are going to walk. And, my mother is going to walk with us (and will probably have to wait for all of us to catch up). We have another member or two who will probably join along the way, too. It's quite a team of walking Toccis! Here's my walk page where you can see my cousin and link to our family page and see the whole gang.

We are all serious about this because we are all touched by this disease each day because we are all so close and have watched my cousin's struggles (and triumphs!) throughout the years. For me, I've also got two other people who are near and dear to me who live with this every single day. They each amaze me to no end. They are truly remarkable people.

So, on this day meant for family and friends, our family is bonding together for a common goal and common good for all 400,000 Americans living with this disease (and those who are touched by it through them). I think that's the true spirit of the day anyway no matter what religion.

I wish you all a wonderful day to be with your family, your friends and maybe even your bike.

Happy Family Day!


Kk said...

Brava on your commitment, Donna! Good luck with your training and best wishes for your family. Love makes all the difference!

Donna T. said...

Thanks for the support KK. I'll think about your kind words about mile 4 as my mother is dusting me and I'm looking for the finish line!